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  1. If you really need POE the external option suggested by @Darren Kitchen and others is really the best choice. There are just too many possible scenarios. I really just did this for fun to see if I could.
  2. Interesting idea, where are you guys at with this. Has anyone got it up and running yet?
  3. Hak5 Packet Squirrel POE Upgrade Mod


    This was a lot more complicated than I expected, not in its execution but in considering what POE situation you want or need. There are SO MANY and there is NO one size fit's all, unfortunately. 

  4. Thank you for bringing this up! Your concerns are mostly correct, this mod is very situational and I left out some of that detail. I added a section to the Instructable (Step 1) called understanding POE to explain that. In my case I wanted it to work behind a midspan POE injector, the injector breaks the path from pairs 4/5 & 7/8 to the router so it will not see the bridging of the pairs. And since the injector also bridges those pairs (Mode B) it does not matter that we are bridging them again in the packet squirrel. If I am understanding you correctly you are saying that if we have Mode A power present on the data pairs (1/2 & 3/6) the termination resistors in the Packet Squirrel will draw too much. The problem with this assumption is that the Packet Squirrel does not terminate the tap (center pin) on the network transformer, it's floating. And we wanted to make the Packet Squirrel work off Mode A power I would not want to terminate it anyway. The PD would do the termination, we would just tap 48 volts off the network transformer. I talk about this in the new Instructable section as well. Did I understand you correctly on this issue? See the first explanation regarding the Mode B midspan POE injector. We would only want a POE PD controller if the target device was not a PD and we wanted to activate the PSE or if there was no target device and we were just on an empty port and wanted POE. Neither of these were my case. SO MANY situations, I completely understand why Hak5 left out POE now lol. I don't want the Packet Squirrel to be a compliant POE PD. It's already a covert man-in-the-middle device. Why would I want it to say, "Hey Mr. Network Switch, could I get some nuts please?" Nope, I want it to be a quite little parasitic squirrel drawing just enough power to get by while not interfering with the typical operation of whatever PD is on the target side. Exactly! And that is the real reason (I believe) POE was left out. If I was going to complain about something it wouldn't' be the lack of POE it would be that it forces the target to negotiate down to 10/100Base-T. But again I understand, two more network transformers and other components for 1000Base-T would add quite a bit to the component count and therefore the footprint. Thank you! But technically I didn't fit it in the case. ;)
  5. You could use something like this instead. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Murata-Power-Solutions/NCS3S4805SC/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMtz8P%2feuiupScznIAMLQa8KIRu89kF5ZBQ%3d
  6. I talk about that in both the instructable and in the full video. Yes, that is the "advertised" rating and yes that is what I used anyway. The chip is rated at +30 volts in but I did a destructive test on one, it doesn't fail until the input voltage goes above 70 volts. With such a small load on the output thermal dissipation and failure isn't an issue. Looking at the signals on the board it does a nice job at chopping the higher voltage. And since the internal high-side high voltage power MOSFET is apparently rated at or above 60V it works just fine at 48V. I've had it running for a couple days now with no issues. I suspect the internal regulator is what failed and not the MOSFET. If you find a similar regulator or step-down converter rated for +48V input of comparable size you can use that.
  7. Whatever the reason forget about it, just do it yourself. ;) Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Hak5-Packet-Squirrel-POE-Upgrade-Mod
  8. Thank you! I'm just about done with the Instructable so you'll get all the details there. But to answer your question, yes it "steps-down" 48 volts input on the spare pairs (4/5 blue & 7/8 brown). That is what it's doing in the video, I should have included a voltmeter to show that.
  9. Hak5 Packet Squirrel POE Upgrade All your nuts are belong to us! Video or it didn't happen: https://youtu.be/pOfrimGGmFA #Hak5Gear I'm uploading the full how-to video now and finishing up the instructable.
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