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  1. Thank you, Would you please let us know where can we download the latest firmware for Mark V? I only see the 2.4 in website and 3 in forum from 1 year ago. Regards
  2. Hello, I finally solved it. I tested it many times and it worked for me. 1. Set default route manually. In my case the internet connection was on wlan1. I update the routing table by setting the default route to be my router ip address ( The MKV could reach it on wlan1. I did it on the web interface. See attached image1. 2. Reset DNS. In Firmware 3 you can do it in the web interface. Don't know in 2.4. See attached image2. 3. List of infusions ok. See image3. Just try to find the way to replicate from Fw3 to Fw2.4 The good news: there is nothing wrong with the repository. The problem was routing for me. Hope it works for you too. Images: https://imgur.com/OABbQPI https://imgur.com/qY4bw7H https://imgur.com/NcuuYvy Regards
  3. Hello, I think I found a solution. In summary: 1. I installed the Firmware 3.0 Beta. 2. Connected MarkV to internet network (a wifi with internet connection) but still an error connection was presented on the screen. 3. Went to network settings and set the default route through the wifi interface (where I connected the pineapple to internet) in my case wlan1. 4. Refresh and update DNS in the network settings. Then I was able to list and install infusions. I think, the solution has to be with the DNS update. That worked for me. Nevertheless, If you have an old firmware you may check DNS and default gateway, I don't remember whether firmwares 2.3/2.4 have this feature. Hope this works Regards.
  4. Hello all, I have the same issue. No Internet IP address or infusions available in the bar. Is there any solution for this issue? Thank you very much Regards
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