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  1. sorry to tell you this, but I asked this almost a two years ago and no answers. Nobody is asking to support the webservers and renew certificates, but at least provide some documentation to install infusions by hand. So, it should be a way to do it by hand, but I didn't have time to research and test because of the work. It's a shame, because now I have to use a raspberry pi with and extra wireless card, which costed me $50. I paid $100 for the Mark V by that time, and now there is now way to use it because of this. I'm really angry with this policy, it is just not acceptable. Sorry I can
  2. Hello community. I still use my wifi pineapple for wireless assessments. I completly understand the end of life of the product. What I can't believe is that there is no way to use the pineapple now. I mean, we can't install infusions now because you, as a company, don't want to provide a different way of installing them. Why can't you put the infusions on some place (i.e github) and give us the chance to install them the by hand? Imagine buying a computer, and some day, you turn it on and you receive the message "Go buy a new computer because this is not working anymore". No way! You can
  3. Hello all. I'm having the same problem. Can't connect to the AP management network. If a execute PineAP no clients can't connect to any SSIDs. I checked the lists, is in deny mode without any client macaddress in the list. I perform a factory reset, and also executed a hard factory reset to try to unbrick it. I restarted wireless configuration, change channels and nothing. When I tried to connect to the open network Pineapple_XXXX is asking for a password? why is that??? is an open network. Please, if anyone can help me. Thank you. Regards.
  4. Ok. I mean that, that you moved the service. But Sebkinne said this: "I can't speak for the future". So that's why I'm asking if there is any way of changing DNS or whatever it takes to point to your services in case you move them again. Thank you. Regards.
  5. Exactly. You are right. I don’t understand why are they removing all the infusions. I want to know if there is any option to installed the infusions by hand, so we can backup that and used them when necessary. I hope Sebkinne can give us a solution for the future. thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hello and thank you for the information. I really appreciate that you reverted the configuration. However, I want to as why are going to leave supporting firmware 2.4. As far as I know, firmware 2.4 is the latest stable firmware for the Mark V. Firmware 3.0 is still in beta version and according to people from the forum it has many bugs with the mark V and some infusions. So, why is that? I used pineapple for professional work and And in my case the tetra is not the best option, so I want to continue with the mark V. And if you are not going to support the mark V any longer, can I just downloa
  7. Hello. Thank you very much for your answer. In my case I have installed firmware 2.4. I’m not interested in updating to 3.0 since is in beta. Regarding the bug, I have the default route set to wan1 as you, but how did you refresh and update the dns settings? I mean, did you changed DNS configuration using SSH? Thank you
  8. Hello all. The problem still persists and I in the middle of a wireless pentest. Anyone has a solution? Or at least, is it possible to install infusions by hand, without using the GUI? Thank you very much. Regards.
  9. Hello forum. I'm having troubles with my Pineapple Mark V. Actually there is no infusions available in the Pineapple Bar. I have checked and the pineapple has internet connection. However, in the network tag when I click on Show IP, no text is displayed. I need to install a new infusion because I'm in the middle of a wireless pentest. I know that the pineapple try to contact cloud.pineapple.com in order to get the infusion list. Is it possible that the cloud server is down and that's why is not working? Here is an screenshot: https://imgur.com/Hyi7abe And here is what it ha
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