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  1. Warranty request submitted...If possible, I like to know the results of the autopsy just in case it was something I did (so I won't repeat it in the future). Also, will the replacement have the 1.1 firmware?
  2. Will do Darren. Thanks for the reply and no need to apologize, electronics-stuff happens. You guys are great! Thanks again.
  3. I don't have an NTFS USB in the USB slot of the PS. Only the Ethernet and microUSB for power. I have two known good USB microUSB cords that power other devices and used those on PS. No lights on PS when used with these microUSB power cords, only a very slight quick green flash then nothing. Same thing happens when the switch is in any position. Thank you for everyone's help : )
  4. Also, I have tried every microUSB I have and varied the power source (laptop, adapters, external power packs, etc.). Still same results.
  5. Yeah, WiFi off, can't ping, can't browse to it, connected directly to machine. I can't ping it cause it doesn't have any power? Not POE.
  6. Yeah, I've tried everything, over and over again (insanity right). I set the IP of my machine to, PS was in arming mode, and held the button for at least five seconds while plugging in, nothing. It seems it is not getting power. I don't know what else to do. Hmmm...
  7. Thanks biob, gonna give this a try...
  8. Yes, I did browse to this page: https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs. I used the "Ethernet In" Lan port, the one on the same side as the 5V power, correct?
  9. Hey guys, It's still dead, no heartbeat what so ever. First I tried the firmware recovery as suggested by barry99705 https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs. I held the button for 3-4 seconds while applying power in arming mode, there was no flashing or no boot up indication. The only slight indicator of life this PS has is one very quick green flash, that's it, nothing more. I think it may be a power issue with the PS? I've tried several power options (different cords, power packs, USB adapters to the wall, etc.) and same results. Ugh, I really like this thing and want it to work. I do appreciate all your suggestions and assistance.
  10. barry99705 and biob, Thank you so much for the info! I really appreciate it and I will give it a shot and report results!
  11. Hello Hak5 Forum, Long time lurker, noob sign-up here. I received my PS a few days ago and everything was working smoothly! I did upgrade to the latest 1.1 firmware and was able to capture packets in switch1 with no problems. I then watched Hak5’s “Packet Squirrel Remote Access and OpenVPN Client Tunneling!” show and mirrored Darren’s setup. As soon as my setup was completed, I unplugged my PS and switched from “Arming” mode to Switch3 and plugged it back in, and it never booted up. I have move the slider switch to all positions just to see if the PS will respond, nothing. I even tried moving the switch back to “Arming” mode and reflashing the firmware to 1.1 with an NTFS formatted thumbdrive. Nothing, it won’t even power up. Is it bricked? I’m using a standard USB to micro USB for power that is plugged directly into my laptop. I appreciate any suggestions.
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