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  1. Either Im dump or the dumpest !! I've succesfully upgrade to firmware 1.5. Install all the required tools loke responder from here https://github.com/qdba/MyBashBunny/blob/master/tools/responder_2.3.3.6-2.deb and put the deb file into the tolls folder unplugged safaly the BB I did like this for all third party tools ! I saw the LANGUAGGE.conf file and put it on "es" or "it" sometimes, is that enough to make all payloads work ??? or should I put DUCKY_LANG es as well after the attack mode ???? Anyways NONE of the Payloads Works either on win 7 8 10 , Linux Debian or Kali !!! Can somebody tell me what I do wrong please !!??? The only think i get is the creation of the folder in the Loot folder but always empty apart from one that is DumpCred I think but the most important file is empty !! I thanks everyone who could help me !! I spent hours trying to understand and simce like Im doing it right but still no results its frustraiting !! Tommy
  2. My bashbunny when I connect It to my PC doesnt let me copy or paste anything ! Only Reading the files. I ve tried to hard reset It many times but nothing. Is thai something to do with chmod 777 ?? Thanks in Advance Yes Im a fool in this field Im a web designer not a programmer but Im studing to become One. All of us ones in a time were newbies English its not my native languagge Thanks for any help Tommy
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