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  1. This is awesome, just what the PS needs - I was a bit disappointed with the lack of PS payloads but am now very excited to try this bad boy out :) Thank you @Dave-ee Jones
  2. Excited, when can we get our hands on it? Great work!
  3. Thank you, would that be interface=“br-lan” ? cheers phil
  4. Hi Guys Thanks for the advice, in transparent mode I am getting no network access, the default interface is 'lo' - which interface should I configure this to eth1 or eth0 ? I am assuming eth1 as that goes out to the network? Cheers for any pointers. Phil
  5. Sounds interesting, perhaps a Hak5 episode on Pivoting @Sebkinne? I've researched it but got a bit confused :P
  6. I bought a sandisk as my older drive wouldn’t work - this one works perfectly
  7. Hi Guys Looking to play with the ispyintel payload (looks cool), the problem I'm having is that when the payload runs it flashes red (fails to read usb drive). The pcap default payload writes loot fine and the PS see's the USB drive with other payloads. Any pointers appreciated :) Thanks Phil
  8. Hi Guys I am trying to get the PHP working on my Apache install that is detailed here: https://www.hak5.org/gear/duck/what-is-the-best-security-awareness-payload-for-the-usb-rubber-ducky I am looking to get IP and browser details as described. My Apache logs are saying the error is: PHP Parse error: Does anyone have a clue where on this line the error is? I am no PHP guy :) Any help is appreciated. Thanks Phil
  9. All sorted, new USB device did the trick - love how it deletes the BIN file when done :)
  10. Will do, the present one is. Fingers crossed as I really want to play :)
  11. Going for a new USB flash drive today and see if that helps. ive quadruple checked everything and it seems to read the USB device and then go straight to blue. interesting thing is that the PS can see the USB device in the file system but the pcap payload fails to write to the drive (red on button press) when I tested it.
  12. Thank you, the version is 1.0, hmmmm ill try updating the other way. Cheers Phil
  13. Hi Guys I have just received my Packet Squirrel and have attempted the firmware 1.1 upgrade. I attached the USB flash drive formatted to NTFS and have the upgrade-1.1 firmware file saved to it. When I power on the PS it takes the usual time to boot and then goes straight to flashing blue. Do you know if the new Packet Squirrels are already flashed with 1.1, if not how can I resolve the issue? Many Thanks Phil
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