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  1. Issue resolved. Not sure I'd recommend others to use this method. Do so at your own risk. 1) While in Arming mode, remove all but the following files and folders payloads System Volume Information readme.md version.txt win7-win8-cdc-acm.inf 2) While still in arming mode, edit the version.txt file to read 1.0_167. I did this to fake the bunnyupdater into thinking an older firmware was loaded. 3) Eject the bash bunny and follow the Firmware Recovery instructions found on wiki.bashbunnny.com 4) Once back in arming mode, use the bunnyupdater foun
  2. As I've stated... I've tried that method a few times now with no luck. If you have something new for me to try, I'd appreciate it.
  3. I've followed the instructions outlined on the bash bunny wiki. I've even tried restoring my bash bunny first with no luck. I just tried SSH into my bunny and get the following when typing 'responder' -bash: responder: command not found
  4. After following the guide for 'unblocking' my bash bunny, I have been unable to install any of the tools. I have verified the tools are not installed by looking in the tools folder on the lines side and using payloads that require specific tools like Responder. I've gone through the standard instructions for installing tools... put the bash dummy in arming mode, transfer the files into the 'tools' folder, safely eject, and reinsert while still in arming mode. When I do this, the bash bunny just boots like normal. The led never goes magenta and the files are still in the 'tools' folder.
  5. WOW... can't believe I over looked that typo. Thanks for catching that for me. Cheers!
  6. I'm using LimeChat on Mac OS. I receive the following error when trying to connect: The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -9847.) The following are my settings in LimeChat for connecting to irc.hak5.org. Any help would be appreciated.
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