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  1. Hey Sebkinne, I’d love to help out in any capacity! Didn’t realize an update was in the works - any ETA on a release/or when it would be added to GitHub? —jeffrey
  2. Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone has attempted something similar in the past (tried searching GitHub without any luck) — I'm wanting to develop a custom UI instead of the plain, buggy Angular frontend that currently drives the admin interface (was planning on using React). So far, I haven't had a lot of luck interacting with the API or via a generated API token — it looks like I'm having issues with CORS, because preflight requests are being rejected `HTTP 405`s — as a quick test, I made a backup of the `index.html` in the `/pineapple/` directory and was able to authenticate/interact with the API just fine. Anyone familiar with how I could relax the CORS on my `nginx` or via PHP so I could build out a new frontend? Any/all help would be appreciated! -- A lowly frontend dev
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