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  1. It sounds like you may be looking for this.
  2. If you're running this on a vlan (Azure VM?) don't forget that your listen IP is the local VLAN IP and not the publicly facing one.
  3. Interesting project. You could get the data here for $15 or with a little bit of scripting effort.
  4. Yes the encrypted digital signal is still going over the air so you should be able to capture it, even save it to disk I'd think.....
  5. Unfortunately those inversion scramblers are a little more simplistic than today's state-of-the-art. Modern public safety radios are digital, so the signal path is more like: voice -->a/d converter -->AES encryption -->frequency modulation of data (transmitter) -->demodulation of data (receiver) -->AES decryption --> d/a converter -->sound. At the core of this is a data stream getting AES encryption so I suppose that part is as crackable as any other AES, but I think there is a long way to go to get there. Have a look at GNU Radio. There are a few AES plugins for it, ex https://github.com/sbmueller/gr-openssl
  6. The call to captive.apple.com is the iPhone testing to see if it's behind a portal. I think If the phone connected successfully to captive.apple.com it would have proceeded to load the page that you fed as a redirect.
  7. Hello, I've got another support ticket that I think may have fallen through the cracks. Ticket #44543. Last contact was from Marc on 11/21 asking me for a shipping address. I replied same-day. Info is in Zendesk. Thanks!
  8. It's not just an antenna it's a third wifi radio. Plugs into the USB port on the end of the Nano
  9. My name is NoncenzFavourite OS: MacOS Nationality: American Accent: AmericanSex: Male Race: White Height: 5' 9Build: meh.. Favourite book: Kill ProcessFavourite movie: WargamesFavourite TV Show: Mr. Robot / Dr. WhoFavourite Comedian: Lewis BlackOccupation: IT
  10. Log Associations will track clients associating with the Pineapple, not other APs. The Site Survey module Recon or theSite Survey module will show you which clients are associated to each AP in the scan (no need for them to re-associate during the scan). Hope this helps.
  11. I'm doing this in a Postgress database. It works well to organize, de-dupe and clean up wordlists.
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