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  1. Hello forum users, I need some help and explanation about the LAN Turtle. I want to put the LAN turtle between the LAN cable of the Windows computer and the LAN port. (I do not have access psychical to the router). I want to execute a shell by a LAN cable connected to a Windows machine is that possible? I do not have access to the Windows machine USB port. Kind regards
  2. Hello, Thanks for your reply. Unfornatully none of your options where working. The power of the adapter is from the USA to EU and gives the same power as the PineApple need. I tried everything and the weird thing is once the wifi pineapple is plugged in the blue led is flashing like 20 seconds and then it stays for a while blue even when my laptop says "USB device not recognized" And there is a connection in my Wifi Network called "wifi pineapple" so the pineapple works fine. The cables are new so I don't think there are damaged. I'm pretty sure. Before there was a new network adapter in my windows called "Realtek USB FE family controller" that was before when the wifi pineapple works fine the first time. Now it doesn't even show up on this windows and 2 others every laptop says "Device not recognized" even with the driver installed. Tried also your method with the bootable Kali Linux and Ubuntu. I tried the Kali Linux with full installation and still after 20 seconds and after 10 minutes there is no new Wifi interface at ifconfig. But when you search for some wifi points it still shows "WifiPineapple Tetra" The cables are correct plugged in and I don't know what to do. I can try one final step and that is the Ubuntu. Regards
  3. Yes, you are right. But still connecting to make no sense Firewall is turned off it could be my Norton protection that blocks it but as I said earlier it doesn't work on other computers too and ya it works fine the first time using the PineApple without the wall cable. When plugging the wall cable + the two usbs in my computer and the ethernet Lan cable, ahh no luck but when you still leave them all plugged in and restart the computer it doesn't give a warning btw. Could it be the laptop where I tried this all on? Thanks for your help. Appreciate.
  4. Yes that's right, but even without the wall cable it does not work.
  5. Hello Forum users, I got some issues with my wifi pineapple Tetra I have bought this product a few weeks ago. 1. When plugging in the two cables it says in Windows 10/8.1 and 7 "USB device not recognized" And also not working with the adapter for extra power. However, the first time using the WiFi PineApple it works fine but it doesn't install any driver or recognize the USB cable driver Regards Me.
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