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  1. How do you migrate to different processes in the android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp meterpreter session? I used "run migrate <PID#>. Then it says Meterpreter scripts are deprecated. Try post/windows/manage/migrate. Why is there no post/android/manage/migrate? Can someone help me out here?
  2. Im trying to exploit my rooted galaxy core prime which is vulnerable to the exploit/unix/x11/x11_keyboard_exec module. Im having a bit of trouble getting a shell. Ive got to the point where a session is created, but when i try to interact with the session to get a shelll it just stops and hangs and does nothing. Ive tried different payloads but the same thing happens everytime. It just says interacting with session <ID>, and I cant get any further than that. Any tips or help would be appreciated. And Im also a bit confused on configuring the reverse shell payload. is the LHOST supposed t
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