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  1. @Dave-ee Jones i think that when you want to mix the colors red green and blue. You only have to define the W for white, that it won't automaticly detect it when you write down R G B. So you'll get then W and the ", R G B" is optional for the readers of the code. Correct me when i'm wrong. I haven't tested this yet.
  2. @RazerBlade Thank you very much sir. I haven't seen this file before. This is exactly what i was looking for. For the other people, here is a short summary: COLORS ------ In addition to Red, Green and Blue, additive color mixing is possible. -------- -------------------------------------------- R Red G Green B Blue Y, R G Yellow (Commonly known as Amber) C, G B Cyan (Commonly known as Light Blue) M, R B Magenta (Commonly known as Violet or Purple) W, R G B White (Combination of R + G + B)
  3. Hi Hak5 forums, i started to play around with some Bash Bunny payloads, and wanted to tweak the LED output which is shown during the execution of an payload. i searched around a bit, but couldn't find any listings of the LED options or commands to trigger them. Does anyone know all the LED options and the commands for them so that i could try them. or have an source where they are already listed. Cheers, D
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