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  1. Please don't go too off topic ?
  2. Ha! Hey Darren! Thanks for your comment :) FPV and 6 channel controllers might be exactly the background which that pushed my thoughts into that direction ;) I think blink patterns are a great way for color blind people. I use them regulary on FPV video transmitters to switch channels and bands. If anyone is interested I build a version with patterns like 1 blink, 2 blink, n blink up to 8. I think more will not be very feasible to remember :)
  3. Well, this sounds like you have placed something in the wrong folder. If HoppEye is placed in /swtich2/ there will be no way (except choosing the red payload) to get a red blinking. You can check and modify the script to debug what's happening. The hak5 tools are all about experimenting :)
  4. I wonder what @Darren Kitchen thinks about my misuse of the bunny switches.. Maybe he's busy launching the squirrel hehe
  5. @Dave-ee Jones I thought of it as fire and go. You take a power bank with you and chose the payload on the walk to your location. Once you arrive you can directly run the payload with switch1. I could change it to execute the correct payload directly, however this would be a problem if you select your payload at your own computer e.g.
  6. Yeah.. but it's EIGHT possible payloads!!!11 haha There might be even more like "stroboscope white" =D
  7. Good additions :) Always merging good ideas! I must been really sleepy not using sed there lol Btw, if you have time, I did not test the "OFF" feature and I'm pretty sure LED $i 100 <- $i in this case equals OFF; this might need a short if condition if this didn't work. The last weeks I haven't had time to look into it
  8. @PoSHMagiC0de To say it in the words of the Chaos Computer Club: Don't forget to place a thanks somewhere :D
  9. Whoops, yeah it's implemented the other way round :D Ergo: Solid during copy - Flashing when finished copying :)
  10. @Just_a_User During the copy process it will flash and after completion the LED will stay on to indicate completion :)
  11. I came up with the idea to "misuse" the LED colors (8 payload possiblilties) as payload indicator. This allows to use switch position 2 to select the payload (it copies the payload content to switch1) and make your selection with moving the switch to position 1. Pluggin in the stick with position 1 will execute your payload and indicate the payload color for 1 sec. The project is hosted on Github: https://github.com/H8to/HoppEye Strange to explain, but cool if you get the hang of it. Folder structure looks like the following: payloads/ payload_B_BluePayload/ payload_G_Green/ payload_OFF_empty/ payload_W_network/ payload_C_empty/ payload_M_PoisonBunnyTap/ payload_R_ReverseShellEmpire/ payload_Y_empty/ switch1/ switch2/ payload.txt <-- This is where the magic happens Please see the Github for further info.
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