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  1. Thanks for the response. I have tried a factory reset, it is fully updated, and does not offer any additional updates, and it has adequate power. I have also set it up correctly. I am also concerned about the heat; it should not be as warm as it is after 30-45 minutes. I can see if I coun not get any connections, perhaps that could be a misconfiguration, but a misconfiguration is not likely to make it get hot, change the settings, lose all connectivity, etc. Nothing I received provided me with an email for tech support. I would love to work with them, but it will have to be next week. As you are confident that my problems are to be found in other posts; kindly point me to them. I searched the posts and did not find any solutions.
  2. I just recently purchased a new Nano. I have set it up correctly and attempted multiple types of attacks; none have worked. I have even followed all of the youtube videos that show how to configure it; step by step. I had an original pineapple that was stolen and I loved it. with the new one, I am experiencing the following issues; 1. The PineAP settings keep losing the settings I saved. I have changed it multiple times and it keeps deselecting everything be "PineAP Daemon: Enabled". 2. The Filters for client mode keeps switching to "Deny mode". 3. For some reason, on occasion, the PineAP tab will show the SSID of the network I am spoofing with a 1 at the end. If I use my test victim to connect to it, I get my landing page that I have set up. I do not have an AP with the the same name, with a 1 on the end and my Nano has nothing like this configured. 4. I keep losing network connectivity for the device. My Windows box still has connectivity and by unplugging the Nano, I can get connectivity back. 5. When I set up an open AP, nothing can connect to it. I receive the error of "Unable to join the network "Free Wifi"". I have tried renaming the network and nothing seems to work. 6. after just a few minutes, it gets pretty hot; I believe that this is when it loses connections and the configs. I am using Windows 10 as my primary box but when I set it up on Kali Linux, I had the same problems. I have added modules and since the basic functionality will not work, it is nothing more than a paperweight. I have called the number on the box, several times, fat chance of getting my money back or any assistance. The bottom line is that at this point, this is nothing more than a $100 paperweight. I have spent too much of my time trying to fix it and trying to get assistance. Please help.
  3. GoogleDrive says "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service." I cannot download the manual.
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