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  1. I was flashing backtrack for some since killed features in kali that still work sorry for asking for help?
  2. Thanks to all whom replyed, I was making a CMD tool and needed to automatically install wget and setup the location of the enviroment variables. I was too far into the code when i realized PS has a wget feature... (actually wanted to die) Anyways if yall want to know the code was going to, Trace Ip's, an Auto Netcat feature, File downloader, and some other tools i was going to develop all for the windows command prompt... This tbh was a project to keep my mind busy at school but if you all want to see this become a thing ill convert everything to powershell friendly code (which will prob be wayyy easier) and post the finished product.
  3. { SetEnviromentVariable ("WGet", "$MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path", "Machine" ) } I've never coded in powershell but i do know a lot about batch. I would like some help with a toolkit i'm developing and i need a powershell script that will be in the install directory that will add the environment variable to the "Machine". I'm trying to automate the installation of Wget for Cmd as it's an essential for my toolkit. Any Help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, $tRiZzY
  4. Just Flashed a Backtrack 5 R3 Arm Disk image and the Pi will not boot, any suggestions on how to boot this image on the Raspberry Pi 3?
  5. As of 10/30/17 kali linux downloads will not work, through both the HTTP download and the torrent link, both debian.exe installer packages can not locate win32-loader.ini on my windows 10 laptop. If anybody has a torrent for the old ISO file it would be much appreciated ive been at this for about 3 hours now and cant find a ISO image to flash onto the usb stick on kali.org and the Virtual images are not working for me either.
  6. Easy to use VPN with fairly good obfstructification ability good for every day use at school or work. https://psiphon3.com/en/index.html
  7. As a noob getting into "the game" this is super helpful and thank you to all who post here :-)
  8. ive attempted this before on a windows 8.1 and 10 system and it spits out error messages. sorry to kill your fun.
  9. I was thinking about the same thing, didn't think anybody was as bored in robotic class as me but here you are. im a noob when it comes to any of kali and pen testing and all that fun stuff but im trying to learn. id love to hear whats possible because were about to go to competition and it would be pretty funny if i could jam the other team up.
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