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  1. This maybe possible but you have to change where does the packetsquirrel wifi get it's ip address from. Currently, it's getting it from lan interface. When you check the /etc/config/wirelsess, you will see that the option for the interface is lan. I think that option Will need to be changed to wan. There might be other settings need to be tweaked. I haven't tried it myself and currently traveling for work. I Will try to check it out over the weekend.
  2. I might not be understanding what exactly you are trying to accomplish. The wifi AP subnet is the same as the LAN subnet. Since this set up as bridged mode, IPs for wifi clients are acquired from LAN. Routing the traffic from WIFI is also treated the same as routing the traffic from LAN interface. I am also confused with the term wifi vpn AP? What do you mean by this ?
  3. There is another way to get it working without editing the /etc/config/network file. You can use NETMODE Bridge or Transparent. This should give you the same result. You can run NETMODE as one of the payload switch options. For example switch1 payload can run NETMODE Bridge.
  4. it worked for me fine. Just wants to remind you that every time you reboot your packetsquirrel, you have to do these steps again: inside /etc/config/network ( add "option type bridge" under "option ifname eth0") /etc/init.d/network restart Since we can't change the rom configuration in /rom/etc/config/network. the changes will not be permanent. so if you first configure the /etc/config/wireless with these: config wifi-iface option device radio0 option network lan option mode ap option ssid "your ssid name" option enc
  5. These are the steps that worked for me well: (Make sure that the PacketSquirrel connected to internet) opkg update opkg install hostapd remove "option disabled 1" from /etc/config/wireless reboot Inside /etc/config/network ( add "option type bridge" under "option ifname eth0") /etc/init.d/network restart ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Encrypted wifi, inside /etc/config/wireless replace: config wifi-iface option device radio0 option network lan option mo
  6. It would be a shame as I am looking for an implementation of 802.1X/NAC bypass feature with the ability to use the usb port for networking (either a wifi or Ethernet dongle). I read in another thread that the option of 802.1X/NAC security bypass is being considered so I am hoping that the option of using the usb port for networking is feasible.
  7. Is there a way to be able to use the usb port on the packet squirrel with a usb wifi dongle ??
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