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  1. Thanks Spoonish, that would explain what's going on.
  2. All, I have a wireless client that will only connect to a specific SSID and MAC address on the 5Ghz band. I configured the SSID into the PineAP pool but the wireless device is not connecting to the SSID I set. I know this because I see the probe request from it in the logs that matches my SSID pool. I can only assume it's because of the MAC address and also perhaps PineAP is not doing this over the 5Ghz band. I set the MAC address it expects in the SOURCE MAC field of PineAP. I presume that since it still isn't working, that this field isn't what I think it's for. Can someone tell me how to configure this to work? Is it possible to change the MAC address of the Nano + PineAP like you would in say, airbase-ng to spoof the MAC address that the client is looking for and to also tell PineAP what band/channel to listen on? NOTE: Yes, this is a sanctioned penetration test and not illegitimate.
  3. All, The articles I read on here for getting Internet sharing working in Linux did not work for me on Kali Linux 2017.2 using WIFI as your internet connection. This will hopefully help those of you who run into the same problem I had. When using the wp6.sh script and hitting manual setup, it will actually remove your default route that is set in Kali. I'm not sure why it's doing this, despite specifying the default route during the wp6.sh manual setup steps. However, this is a simple fix. Go to the WIFI icon in the top right hand corner of Kali desktop and turn WIFI off. Turn WIFI back on and your default route should get re-added back to your route table. This should get internet sharing working with your Nano. Too lazy to specify the command line for this, you may even try restarting your network-manager service ($ service network-manager restart) but I havent tried this and dont want to :) Good luck! Hopefully this article helps someone.
  4. Thanks to everyone who helped me resolve this issue. (1) I installed an SSD card (2) After installing the SSD card, it still was not working (3) I did a factory reset on the WIFI Nano with the SSD card installed (4) I was then able to associate to the PineAP SSID I created The only thing I can think of is that the Nano got hosed somehow/somewhere along the way by there not being an SSD installed on it. I did install a bunch of modules before installing the SSD onto the internal memory. Perhaps that maxed out the space and the Nano simply stopped working? Who knows, it's working now.
  5. Okay, I will go buy one and see if that is the issue (odd that it wouldnt allow me to connect to it just because there is no SD card though). Question: Is there a way to turn on verbose/debug logging on PineAP so I can see why PineAP is declining the connection attempts? i need an error message or something to help me figure out what the heck is going on here.
  6. I can't upload anymore screenshots. I took a screenshot of each page, can I email you them? Another question: My Pineapple doesn't have an SD card in it, does that matter?
  7. @Just_a_User Let me clarify. I have a pool of SSIDs that I've specified in the PineAP settings. Those SSIDs do not match any of my legitimate wireless access point SSIDs. Furthermore, I don't know if this matters, but my Pineapple Nano is connected to a USB-C dongle running on Kali 2.0. The Pineapple does have internet access. Recon works fine. The log file is showing probe requests from my different devices.
  8. So I just found my Macbook in the probe requests log... So I can see its probe request for the PineAP SSID pool name
  9. Ive tried connecting to it using my iPhone 7+ and it doesnt work either. I've also tried connecting to it using my Kali 2 laptop
  10. It does. Yes, I see probe requests in the log file. But for some reason, not from my laptops.
  11. All, Newly deployed Nano. Just configured PineAP per the YouTube instructional video. When trying to join the wireless network from a Macbook and also tried on my iPhone, I don't see any client connects and the connection to the wireless network I created fails. I specified an SSID in the pool. I see the SSID being broadcasted and I have all options checked in PineAP. I'm not seeing the connection attempt and the connection attempt is failing. Can anyone assist?
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