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  1. I know it's stupid I tried to warn them if something were to happen like this. There rinsing behind it was so we don't have to pay you as much
  2. Yes the students did have a contract but the school district left out the part of trying to breach the firewall or other systems to try and make it easer on me. having the students create the breach then we patch it out by watching there screen on how to do it , or asking them. but the student that uses the ducky is able to walk up to and Chromebook and run the script and all we see is a hid keyboard was attached and our systems don't log key strokes but it does log usage over the network.
  3. we cant. we would need a warrant to be able to take the ducky and read the script by state law we as a school are not able to do such actions with out defeat cause and a statement from our D.A.
  4. We have asked the student and we have tried to screen cap a Chromebook during the process but he uses a usb rubber ducky to make the process much much quicker so fast in fact the screen cap. was not able to pick it up. I have tried my own attempt at what this kid can do but he is one step ahed of me.
  5. Hello, I am new to this form and I work for a school district as a pen tester. We use a firewall called IBoss and we had a student crack it to gain access to otherwise restricted sites and I am not able to recreate how the student worked around the firewall. I need some help on creating a breach within the IBoss system. Thank you Clarence
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