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  1. Thankfully I am signed in on my tablet however the sign in with Twitter button seems to be having an issue. When I click the button I get the error: “Something went wrong. Please try again.” I would post a screenshot however, I can’t login from my laptop to share the image. Is anyone else having these issues?
  2. Shipping is still really expensive. This reminds me of the high cost for shipping the PS when we preordered it. I remember there was an issue with the rate and some of us payed more on shipping for no reason. I want to get this device but do not want to learn I payed too much the day after I place the order.
  3. Thank you for publishing it. Now we can start thinking about possible uses. When will we learn more about what is running under the hood? I didn’t see any SDR related tools and I want a better idea of what I can run. I still hope you offer some of your bags and cases separately so we can get more. I would like to carry more than my Hak5 gear around in style.
  4. This is not really the place to ask how to hack something that is not yours but I will help you with your Windows 7 limitations. Google Virtual Box. Get that set up and then download an iso file (that is the file for the operating system you want). If you want something like Kali then you can just download an appliance and then import it. Instructions are here: https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-vm-vmware-virtualbox-hyperv-image-download/ I hope by the time you’re done with your “project” you are hooked on this stuff like the rest of us.
  5. I am happy this post helped someone else!
  6. I hope so, I just got the essentials kit but I would like the bigger organizer because I have more gear than that (who doesn't) and who wouldn't want more cool cases.
  7. I think this is it: https://hakshop.com/products/elite-hak5-gear-organizer I cant see the image if there is one up.
  8. HeavyVin


    Mine are in the mail too but I know the new books are supposed to have great art.
  9. So I am looking to get some hak5 gear and am really liking the possibilities that the Nano provides as both a testing tool and as a personal network. I have searched a little on the forums and only found some older threads that mentioned AC support for the Pineapple. Could I use my Alfa AWUS036ACH attached to the Nano to test AC networks? The lab I am building is going to have an AC access point I would like to test. If not then is an AC version of the Pineapple in the works?
  10. I thought some wall adaptors used 2.4v
  11. Just when I thought I had something. I no longer have a clue how to get poe support. We have to make sure we can supply the voltage out also or the device we are intercepting won't be giving us anything. How does the Packet Squirrel run off of different voltages? I know some USB jacks supply 2.4v while some supply 5v. Also, how do we respond to the switch saying we need power? I feel like this is one of those things where with every answer I find I end up with more questions.
  12. Could this be ported to the Packet Squirrel? I may need to make at least one flowchart...
  13. I know of far too many people that buy a box, plug it in, and leave the site if it starts working. Many even leave default passwords in place. I guess its different for organizations that care enough about security to hire testers. The switches I have used have POE enabled by default with the operation as described by @Just_a_User The nice thing about POE is that it is another option for power. If in a situation where it does not work then one could still use the micro USB port. I would like it even if just for testing so I don't need the USB cable when I finally set up a testing environment for my squirrel.
  14. Wow! that's a lot of features but it would not be worth the price without all of them. I would love to one day replace expensive network testers almost completely with the computers we all have in our pockets.
  15. That's dependent on the switch and its setup. There are even some POE only switches I have heard about. This is why I would connect a tester to the line first if I was connecting a squirrel to someone else's network. I wouldn't want voltage going into a data only line. I am looking at the standards for POE so I can make the aforementioned cable. I won't know if I can till I try, though I know it should be possible.
  16. @SebkinneSo now we can use it as a bridge? This is becoming more deserving of being called a multi-tool.
  17. @Sebkinne Will you also post the full version?
  18. There was some confusion about this. See @Sebkinne's post in this thread:
  19. I carry that organizer every day and at first, I loved it. Then I started putting my stuff in it and if you have any more than small cables it is not a great fit. I bought it for my laptop charger and it is too bulky to fit. I find I mostly use the zipper pouch and have some things just laying in between the different dividers.
  20. Or for those of us that just want better organizers for our daily cables.
  21. I would check the rules for the competition but if you're just with your school I would use a directional antenna so you only sniff packets from the bot your trying to attack. It could be hard to know which ap is them otherwise. I love the vex system but I was always unclear what channels they were on. The ones I used to mess with where radio and they had these "crystals" which were little chips to set the frequency. This new wifi system sounds intriguing but would most likely be vulnerable to most of these attacks. I think it would be fun to watch a team lose control over their bot and you just drive in into the wall. I once made a bot that would go after the cabling and disconnect as much as it could. This would be a level up from that. Let us know how it goes.
  22. HeavyVin


    I just finished the main game and started the DLC and I love it. The IRC logs have some funny dialogue and I loved the surprise audio file. I really loved the part of the game that the game didn't work. (can't say more without spoiling but yes it was part of the story) Also, some unlisted Unix commands work in game. The whole thing is a masterpiece.
  23. Thanks @Darren Kitchen I had a static IP set for working with a network switch. I had completely forgotten. Now I can start feeding this squirrel some nuts.
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