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    General TETRA Discussion

    for got to say. I did check the filter area as well. Client filter and ssid filter is in allowed mode.
  2. PAnoob

    General TETRA Discussion

    hello. I am a new user to the PA. I did have it working. then changed a few settings. did a factory reboot. now i am still having the same problem. I got the pineAP all check marked. Daemon as well and its 3 boxes checked. took my target device. connected to the ssid that is cloned in the ssidpool manually. still nothing, acting like their is no connection. only note i can say is, the bulletins do load when i hit check. laptop and tetra is hooked up with 2 different cat6. not like internet is being used vie usb. sad part is. i have not successfully manipulated my own device. even when i connect to the PA, my noobie skills show off as I cant even get an easy user name and passwork. if there is any videos out there. plz let me know. thanks. from the noobie