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  1. I am specifically using it for the PineAP, broadcast and capture SSIDs, capture of the handshakes, deauth and site survey stuff... I havent gotten involved with the C2 stuff...
  2. I find the Tetra doing points 1-3 above very well... I am not seeing the same from the Mk7, while I had wished there woudnt be a whole new level newness to the Mk7 due to how solid I felt the Tetra 2.7 Firmware release was - it does seem we are in a very early adoption phase of dealing with newness of product and software instead of it building against what was already worked on for the Tetra. To each their own - good luck with your efforts...
  3. The USB-C Essentials were USB-C adapters to the Micro USB and USB A Male, as well as a short USB-C cable. I got the tactical because I like the pouch to hold the various things I use with the random things I do..
  4. I do not have an issue with the Tetra I am using in the home lab here and out in the wild... Cant comment about the others... I think if youre hesitant - then wait - if you dont have the stomach or wanting to work through the issues - then wait - I think you do wait... The tetra is solid for me... just waiting for some software revs for the mk7 and I expect it to be the same... .
  5. Do you own a TETRA currently ? Maybe you can wait. Do you own nothing? then I'd get in on the fun of working through the bumps in the road to awesome... Because of how great the Tetra software upgrade was last year or so - I have confidence that the Hak5 team will pull together upgrades and help move forward to the same... I honestly will say that I am still tinkering and using and more active with my Tetra - but the mk7 is always here in the home lab along side - comparing it....
  6. There is a function in the system settings to have the time sync'd with the browser - if the browser allows it. That will help with the time connection if not connected to the internet. I feel we are at the early adopter stage or otherwise known as "we will feel the pain of new hardware and software phase 0"
  7. I have that entire module isnt prime time ready - even just the standard pine ap isnt grabbing as many SSIDs as my Tetra is in a side by side test. I realize this is very early adopter syndrome - do hope for a few stable releases - the release they had last year for the Tetra really improved it - so I have hope these issues are sorted out soon.
  8. I hope people at Hak5 are working on all the parts and not just this one and then will post a firmware update telling us its fixed - but now - just use a real full browser ... stinks for sure.
  9. Few reports of this including myself of not being able to get ANY iOS iPhone X Web Browser to work (Chrome, Safari) I ended up having to use a laptop. I suggest restarting the set up - make sure firmware is NOT being updated and power off and power it back on and then connect with the laptop... I did not have to power off and power back on - but maybe thats an additional step to better set you up...
  10. If it is indeed bricked - there is a recovery mechanism: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360055166053-Firmware-Recovery
  11. Saw this too, Chrome on iOS iPhone X didnt load the blue button on the start page - had to connect the laptop and it loaded and I finished the start up and setup.
  12. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  13. I meant F10 for inject that F10 Keystroke.
  14. Does the community here have anything to share in order to get from the BIOS screen; Inject 10 for BIOS start up off thumb drive Inject ENTER Key to select Boot Option Inject BIOS Password and ENTER I was wondering what the group here had in thoughts for this?
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