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  1. And I'm thankful for your effort. I have the skills required to do what wiki says, but when I plug my pineapple in, my system does not register the device at all. It gives power to the pineapple, but nothing happens when I press and hold the reset button
  2. What do you know, that does not work either.. I press and hold the reset button. Then connect the pineapple and wait.. and wait for 10 seconds and release... Nothing happens. I'm sorry if I seem like I dont want your help but its the nano that does not want to coorporate.
  3. Okay So I've plugged it into my wall now, with to USB chargers (not stealthy at all!). With this option I cant log on to the Management AP at all. I can only log in with USB tethering.. When I do this, the same stupid error occurs.. I can search fine once and afterwards it either makes an error or gets stuck at 100%.. I'm sending it back.. Waste of my hard earned money.
  4. I do not have a wall plug with 2 USB inputs.. only for one.. its a stupid solution if you ask me.
  5. So not it has been reset, ran the setup again.. Still fucks up when recon'ing. It can search fine the first and only first time.. Then its downhill.
  6. Its being factory reset as we speak.. While eating a chili wine gum. I just got my SD card working with it as well.. Since the internal memory isn't the largest.
  7. Okay that sounds cool.. Only that does not work either.. When I try to connect, immidiately after I write the password (which is correct), my pc says it cannot connect. Maybe its a firewall issue, but its very annoying. BTW.. I can see the current firmware I have.. It is 1.1.3. When I click "Check upgrade" It says "No upgrade found".
  8. Still not in on my Windows machine.. Do you really have to use the USB Y-cable to get connection through a PC? I think I will connect it to my android phone again, to perform the factory reset.. it is in the menu right?
  9. Like I wrote: I'm trying to login through my browser (pc/windows) to find the Also, I did try to search for a firmware upgrade.. It said I have the latest one unfortunately
  10. I'm trying to login through my browser (pc/windows) to find the version etc, but it just won't let me.. I've plugged it in using the Y-cable (weird addition) and when its done flashing, I go the address and it just returns "Page not found"
  11. Well I got it a few days ago and the first thing I did, was to download the latest Wifi pineapple files from here. https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/setup Shouldn't that be the latest? Or is the firmware a seperate thing? (I really hope it is, if it will help)
  12. Hi all. I'm struggling with my pineapple nano. Sometimes when I set it for 15 seconds, it searches and gets stuck at 100% (never finishes). Other times, it doesn't search, just gives me an error.. Any suggestions?
  13. So I've bought and received the pineapple and ordered a ra link dongle. I still don't know how I would connect the WiFi pineapple to my WiFi after inserting the dongle. How did you do it?
  14. Thanks again.. So in conclusion, is usb tethering actually the most optimal solution? If I buy an atheros usb wifi radio, it would still tie one of the wlans up right?
  15. Okay thanks.. how does it limit funtionallity by using wlan1? Are there any specific wifi radios to choose for the pineapple if I end up buying one? Is the pineapple picky like Kali, and it has to be a Ralink or atheros?
  16. Thanks for the reply.. I see now that my post might not have been a 100% clear. I dont have a usb modem and want to connect that to the pineapple. I'm getting the TP-Link M7350 (link: http://www.tp-link.com/lk/products/details/cat-4692_M7350.html) which creates a Wifi hotspot for others to log on.. Reading this now, it might be a stupid question as it should be able to log on.. Just don't know how the pineapple can get access to it. Any thoughts?
  17. HI all. My first post here. I bought a Wifi Pineapple Nano (tactical edition) yesterday. I have not received it yet, but I've got a question about wifi. Since I did not buy the "Elite" edition, since it has been withdrawn from the site, there is no Ralink wifi usb module with the device. This means you have to tether the Pineapple to my phone via Usb or Wifi. But wouldnt it be perfectly possible for the pineapple to connect to a mobile broadband hotspot instead of using my cellular data on my phone? Its a TP-link Mifi device and since I have a simcard with a dataplan of 100Gb pr. month, it would be a perfect match. But is it possible? Thanks in advance - CC
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