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  1. I spent by far more time trying to get the nano connected to INTERNET than anything else. Some times it works , most of the time it does not. It wont work on windows, than I boot into Linux. I follow every tutorial. different setups.. 75% of post about the nano is connection problems. I get 10 times the Wifi traffic info with bettercap. The post on here that tell the truth about how bad the nano sucks must get deleted. I'm throwing mine away. I know I sound like a hater, but every time I have to F with it just for a basic connection. getting the modules to work for more than a few seconds is a myth. maybe the modules would work in a area that never heard of chrome, or firefox with all there anti nano security. there is not 1 current success post about how good the nano is works. there might be a few videos showing pineapple working, but there from 2012-2013 or before. where are the 2016-17 videos at? if there is any someone setup everything to make sure it works. meaning the computer that it is capturing data from is not setup with basic out of the box browser security. Tetra might be great. If I am wrong, than why do the other post by other users from this forum support exactly what I am saying?
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