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  1. please dave if you can help me ,, i really appreciate it ,,, and do you recommend that i force my BB to recovery mode?
  2. Ok I'm gonna be honest I'm not from the U.S and from where I come from,, it seems like I can't use the bunny updater so I had to download the firmware 1.3 manually,,, oh and by the way I read your tutorial and it didn't help me,,, quick question ( I am a noob) but do I have to have the tools in order for the payloads to work? Oh and how can I check if I have the tools ?because they are not in the tools folder. Oh and when I read the other forums it looked like empty loot folder doesn't have anything to do with no tools ,, so can anyone help me here is my bash bunny broken? ( is all these problems because I'm working with windows 10? Or is it connected?)
  3. Guys I downloaded all the 3 tools in the forum but I don't know if they are installed or not and by the way non of the payloads are working
  4. But I downloaded them several times and every time the download was complete so I'm guessing I have the tools... so why doesn't any of my payloads (not even the simple ones ) work?
  5. Hey " POSH " thanks but I'm not familiar with the bunny script ( yet ) so if you could explain your sentence in a way " a dumb guy " understands ... I'll appreciate it..... thanks again
  6. By the way I just tested the payloads on windows 7 and it didn't work either
  7. Guys I just got my BB and I updated it to the latest firmware and I downloaded all the payloads but none of them works (more specifically they create an empty folder in "loots" with the name of the payload )... I assumed it was because I didn't have any tools.... so I downloaded all of the tools from the " hak5 forums" ... and in order for the tools to install I should unplug and plug my BB in arming mode again) but every time I open my " tools " folder in my BB it's empty ( despite I downloaded them several times) ...what is the problem?.... what should I do? PS ( I'm working with windows 10)
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