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  1. The industry is coalescing around Kali as a security/pentesting distro, the way the did around Red Hat as the first linux distro to get certification with. It's probably great for free/low-cost training resources. Although apparently there's some Kali Linux books that aren't about pentesting at all, but just getting around Kali as a linux distro. Haha! Lesson One: hacking is mainly about social engineering, not technical knowledge, and that includes "white hats" selling themselves and their products. Secondly, as far as pen distros, the Katoolin script is pretty good. I haven't been able to us
  2. kesmit is completely in the right here. I already have some regrets about using my old, often used email, I may delete it. Unlike most people here, I don't game: no consoles, not much in the way of PC games. I don't think any other info is relevant here.
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