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  1. Has Hak.5 done a war flying episode where they use a drone? I have ideas!
  2. I once wrote a java script text flooder that sent 1000's of texts to a phone number so bad it jammed the entire OS and rendered it useless. You could send something like 'give me a raise and stop slaving me or the great flood continues, begin to gather animals'., something along those lines. My wife's reaction was priceless too. The script prompted for carrier, phone number, and how much to loop. I was surprised the carrier didnt block the flood.
  3. Cookie, Hardware ID, User Agent, IP, a ton of stuff can be used. You could just stop flooding the chat.
  4. Thats the exact episode that came to mind for me too. Leave you phone behind get owned. I thought the victim had to have ADB enabled as well or be rooted. I could be wrong. I wonder if thats still working?
  5. And, well.... good thing it was a local router and not his neighbor. Following tutorials like this will leave breadcrumbs. Use macchanger......! https://linuxconfig.org/change-mac-address-with-macchanger-linux-command have fun and come up with funny MAC or comical OUI codes unless you know... you want to leave you MAC behind.
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