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  1. Interesting! I'll look into that repo as I continue to play with the Tetra. Thank you very much for the info!
  2. That makes sense... So PineAP's association feature would only work with an open wifi network? Is it possible to supply a password for a target SSID in order to spoof it?
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble setting up associations to work in a testing environment against my mobile phone. I've successfully been able to send deauth packets to my router causing all of the hosts to drop off the wifi. I can see probe requests being logged in the Logging tab and my SSID is correctly added to the PineAP Pool. Despite this, there are no association logs found in Logging. I have all the options in PineAP checked and both interval options are set to Aggressive. Is there something I'm not doing correctly that is stopping associations from happening? Filters: C
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