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  1. Well to fix the setup you will need to implement a "routing policy" It's something you can do using ip route If there's interested people, I will try to take the time make an article/post about the full details of this setup But I need time to fix some stuff, I don't like share stuff until it's not perfect (for me) :) Oh I have two additionally questions : - I am not an openwrt expert. Is there a way or anybody already try to patch the latest firmware of openwrt on the pineapple ? Is it working ? Is an "hak5' official procedure" exists ? - Finally, I have a questi
  2. Ok I got the solution. I go to bed. Ping me here if you're interested by this config
  3. BTW, I tried to add the following try to create a second routing table for my tun0 interfaces: echo "1 vpna" >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables echo "2 vpnb" >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables ip rule add from dev tun0 table vpna ip rule add from dev tun1 table vpnb ip route add default via dev tun0 table vpna ip route add default via dev tun1 table vpnb
  4. I am maybe a little crazy but I am trying to forward network traffic from two differents SSID to two different vps running openvpn. Why ? Because I have two VPS and I woud like to able to browse the Internet from all my device just selecting a WiFi network. Sorry for this dirty hack ; the pineapple is a cool offensive device that I love use but I am trying to configure it as something like a smart defensive device :) Well, my setup is working well with only one wifi / tun interface. It seems impossible to work that with the two VPN at the same time (openvpn client). I don't und
  5. Hey Guys, I need to install the packages mwan3 and luci-app-mwan3 to be able to manage a multi WAN configuration with my pineapple. Do you know how I can fix / bypass this opkg error ? of course I did a opkg update before to try to install this package Any idea / suggestions ?
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