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  1. Hi Guys my name is holy toast but you can just call me toast (don't really want to give my real name sorry) Favourite game: MinesweeperFavourite OS: MacOS Favourite console: PS4 Nationality: BritishAccent: English (Yorkshire)Sex: Male Race: WhiteHeight: 6"0'Build: AverageFavourite band: Royal BloodFavourite book: Anything with picturesFavourite author: anyone who puts pictures in there book :P Favourite movie: Hot FuzzFavourite director: KubrickFavourite TV Show: Brooklyn 99 Favourite actor: Micheal CeraFavourite actress: Emma RobertsFavourite Pinup: Hayley WilliamsFavourite Comedian: Andy SambergOther hobbies: Running, Watching Youtube. Car: Ford FocusOccupation: Warehouse Dispatch
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