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  1. That's a pretty good idea - I think I'll plan, get the tools, and then try two approaches - your approach seems more likely to succeed. I'd like to mod it into something that is discreet, functional, and not going to blow up on me. Dongle inception is a bit too much if I'm trying to do intel gathering. Excellent idea.
  2. Try the toast with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese - nothing wrong with toast with tea. Regarding USB-c dongle hipster-ness - higher throughput and being able to charge on the same port seems like the right direction. I'm sure something better will come along in a few years anyways. But in all seriousness - I haven't messed around with boards in a while and would like to not set fire to all the things on accident.
  3. Thoughts on https://www.amazon.com/Chenyang-24pin-Female-Socket-Connector/dp/B00VJ944V2/ref=sr_1_4 ? It's the 24 pin female socket with the board - definitely going to need a lovely magnifying glass and a nice soldering tool. I was more worried about voltage - I was reading that USB-c is supposed to be backwards compatible - but yeah that's one thing I was worried about. Don't want to burn my turtle.
  4. DefCon - they had them available at the Hak5 table. I believe they're available online as well.
  5. Thanks for the opinions - but I was hoping for something more along the lines of "soldering tool, vice, vice block, these are the number of pins you'd need to solder, if you're blind get a magnifying glass, maybe go off on a tangent and build a reflow oven" types of responses and maybe a pointer to some articles or tutorials on how to test and make it? I've seen USB micro to USB 3 conversions and was hoping that posting this on Hak5 would result in targeted feedback. So, I ask again - tips and advice?
  6. Hi, Just a question - got the LAN Turtle 3G to play with and want to make it more "believable" as an adapter - how easy or hard would it be to change out the USB to USB-C? Any tips or recommendations? Thoughts on tools required? Much appreciated from a newbie, jenku
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