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  1. Hello guys, I have used ettercap for dns snoof. It worked but not 100% as I wished. I mean I have edited my etter dns.conf file and it worked when I tried to browse those webpages that I have listed for redirection. But the thing is I have made a captive portal it only opens when I open browser and enter some websites. Till now I can make any website redirect to my captive portal in my LAN. But I need to prompt "sign in needed" notification in android after connecting in my hotspot. What should be done to make sure that sign in prompts after connecting my hotspot? Thank you
  2. Hello, I just found out android phone sends requests to some Google domain i.e. http://clients1.google.com/ http://clients3.google.com/ http://connectivitycheck.gstatic.com http://connectivitycheck.android.com to check if they are connected to Internet or not. I need to redirect these domains requests made by android to my captive portal in Linux after they are connected to my wifi hosted by my PC. It doesn't matter whether they access internet after redirecting to my CP. I just need to configure my AP to redirect these requests to my CP in linux. How can I do it? I am using Kali Linux 2.0 Thank you
  3. Thanks guys, Lets see if FruityWifi does my work. :) I will let you know.
  4. Thank you PoSHMagiC0de and digip for your help. I got much help and ideas from you. I will try it and do further research. I will message you if I need any help. Thank you
  5. Thank you PoSHMagiC0de I have done as you said every thing works perfectly. But still I am not getting prompt to sign in. I have 3 devices and neither one of them is getting prompt to sign. We have to do it manually. I have searched some other places too. Some of them say I need to redirect all the requests to my captive portal ip. Can you tell how can I forward all the requests in to my captive portal IP ? Thank you
  6. Thank you PoSHMagiC0de, I am using kali linux 2.0. sorry I have not mentioned it earlier. The thing is I can access captive portal from client side if I visit any other sites (but not google and facebook and some other) manaully. what I want to do is , to open captive portal automaticlly without bothering to open browser and enter ip or any site manaully. and also sites like google, facebook are not redirecting into my portal as they are warning the link is not secure. Does your process of flushing the iptables helps me to block all traffics to go to internet from my hotspot i.e. my pc. I want my target to visit my captive portal automatically i.e. upto my pc. and to block them to reach internet while conmecting to my hotspot. I think doing so will help me to block google and facebook to show warning message. Thank you
  7. Thank you PoSHMagiC0de So, what should I do with my firewall? Can you please help me out here. What should I do for this... Thank you
  8. Hello @PoSHMagiC0de Thank you for your reply. I have done as you said before and it works fine. But I got one problem here. Like you said my android were not greeted to sign in. It should be done manually. Like opening browser and entering some website than only they would be greeted by my fake page. Is there any thing that I can do to notify them to sign in on browser. Because some dummy just dont know how to check internet they just use apps but not a browser. So how can I force my page to be viewed by them when the browser is not opened in first place. Thank you
  9. Thank you digip and trapman16 I understood what you said and thank you for that. Now what took my interest is Can you please explain it more. Does this mean good or bad for my attack? If it is good than can you please show me the tut or give a hint ? I like to try it in android so anything that helps me is welcome. Thank you
  10. Thank you trapman16. But I used fluxion 2, while using that also my target were not forced to visit the webpage. They needed to visit it manaully by browser. I know if they try to visit any website they would be redirected to my page but is there any way that browser itself opens after connecting my fake AP. Also, google, facebook and some others site warns the user that they are being redirected and would not let them to visit my fake page. Is there a solution? Thank you
  11. Hello, Directly to the problem Lets suppose somehow I have managed to connect 1 target in my fake AP (evil twin method). But I found the target should manually visit web page to enter wpa2 pass code. Is there any way to force the target or somehow force the device connected in my fake AP to visit the webpage automatically as ISP do with their hotspot user. Thank you
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