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    I dont get this

    it works now with the new sd card however in my script i want to use a powershell command that has a - in it. But when it puts in the command i get a + instead
  2. JeepartN

    I dont get this

    no i havent and i dont have another sd card at home. ill go buy one tomorrow and try it out.
  3. JeepartN

    I dont get this

    Typo from my part there. i did indeed name it inject.bin ive just been working with a lot of index.whatever at school
  4. JeepartN

    I dont get this

    so i just got a rubberducky but i cant seem to get it to work... i first tried to plug it into my computer and when doing that the first time its supposed to just type hello world right? it didnt do that. then i took the sd card out of it and plugged it into my pc. it had one index.bin file on it which i removed and then i tried creating the start of my own script in in which i just tried opening powershell via run and it looked like this . DELAY 5000 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell ENTER this did not work either and neither did any of my other versions of it. i used this website to encode it https://ducktoolkit.com/encoder/ and i even tried making some random script using their generator but that didnt work either. the only thing that happens when i plug in the ducky is that the LED shines a solid red, nothing on the computer whatsoever. nothing shows up in the device manager either...