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  1. -- No longer a meaningful post, images no longer hosted --
  2. Having looked at the flickr photo stream, which i think is called "New setboxing" (or something like that), It seems to suggest that all the video mixing and stuff is being done off a computer...? Or, have i got this completely wrong? :-P
  3. I think readyboost works something like this: As Ram is expensive, it is not always possible for someone to just go and get more ram, so Microsoft wanted a way to save people money, as they don't sell ram so they don't care. It works a bit like Linux swap, except Flash memory is more responsive and you can read and write from it quicker than you can a Hard drive. This means that you get more space that is used as ram, and it is more like ram in speed terms. However, some of this speed may be taken away, as all readyboost information has to be encrypted... About the limited number of read/write cycles: If you subjected HDs to the same stress, the HDs would suffer the most damage/break first (probably)
  4. It also depends on the type of microphone they've used in the circuit. Some microphone capsules need a voltage bias (i.e. the pin of the actual microphone element that isn;t ground has to be held at a certain voltage), which I doubt would play nicely with any audio device connected in the microphone's place...
  5. The ratio of voltage from the microphone against an ordinary audio source could end up being quite crazy - beyond the realm of what's possible simply by turning the volume down. As moonlit said, it would be best to find a dedicated circuit, without having to try and alter one...
  6. My name is TheMadProff a.k.a Alan Favourite game: Star Wars Rouge Squadron 3D Favourite OS: Mac OSX Leopard Favourite console: Wii Nationality: British Accent: English Sex: Male Age:13 Race: White European Height: Small Status: Bored Build: Small Favourite band: Queen Favourite book: Ark Angel Favourite author: Anthony Horowitz Favourite movie: Casino Royale Favourite director: Peter Jackson Favourite TV Show: Futurama Favourite Comedian: Danny Wallace Other hobbies: Video/Audio/Image Editing, Cycling, Photography, Swimming, movie making Car: None Occupation: Student
  7. Do you know if the piece of software will work on any USB thumbdrive?
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