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  1. Point taken. I could swear I read the man page for udisk.
  2. Awesome! Thanks Dave-ee Jones! Just tried the above in firmware 1.2_249 and it worked as advertised. I will upgrade to 1.3 again, as that doesn't appear to be the problem. The nmapper script still didn't work, so my speculation about its inability to mount and write to the USB storage from Debian was incorrect. Back to the drawing board.
  3. I believe Naerz is having a similar issue to the one I experienced after upgrading to 1.3. "when i log into the tty of the BB, only udisk remains and a file version.txt who tell me i am in 1.3" This sounds to me like he is doing an ls on the udisk mount point but of course it appears to be empty because the USB drive is failing to mount. Or at least that's what it looks like to me. I'll upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2 today and see if that fixes the issue. It may be that since the filesystem is already mounted to the host system (Windows/Mac) it is unable to mount in two os'es at the same time and isn't supposed to show up via serial when in arm mode. In that case, I'm just chasing red herrings and leading folks astray. If that's the case, apologies to all.
  4. When in arming mode, and connect via serial console I can see that the mass storage part of the BB is not being mounted in Debian at /root/udisk so it is not possible to write back to that part of BB with things such as loot. It was looking for the right place to put in something like mount /dev/nandf /root/udisk in one of the /etc/init.d files. Anyone know where this functionality is supposed to live?
  5. Just used the Firmware restore method in the wiki and am now at 1.0_167. I just tried both serial connection and the nmap payload. The serial connection works now! No luck on the nmap payload writing to the loot directory.
  6. I purchased the BB and I think that it came with 1.2 on it. (something older than 1.3) I posted about issues with NMAP related to it requiring sudo in order to do OS fingerprinting. It ran, created the loot subdirectory, created the file and wrote the opening NMAP stanza to it. I upgraded to 1.3 and decided I would play with other OSX payloads. None of them would work. As I was thinking about writing this post it occurred to me that none of the scripts were even getting to the point of creating their respective loot subdirectories, but that the NMAP script was at least able to do that. I loaded the NMAP script up again, and, sure enough, no loot subdir. I also tried to log into the BB over serial so I could tail the log and see what was failing. When I tried to do that there weren't any appropriate /dev/tty files, and when I ran sudo dmesg | grep tty I got nothing. It also occurred to me that having a logging facility for payload development would be great. I'll probably just create a log file and write to it from the scripts, but it would be great to see any script related issues too. I thought that I would just downgrade to 1.2 and when I started looking around for images and instructions similar to using DD to write the OS for RaspberryPi to the SMS but instead came across the thread about bricking the BB. Then I thought WTF?... and saw that there was a thread with the same Title... and after reading it realized that they symptoms I'm experiencing are the same. When I try to use any of the payloads in switch1 or switch2 positions I get a solid green then dark then a slowly blinking blue LED. There is either something wrong with 1.3 and Mac, or I messed up the upgrade somehow leaving me in a partially functional state. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to restore the BB to a previous firmware version? I'll probably use the method described in the wiki, but it doesn't say what version it returns it to so I didn't want to go back so far that it required multiple upgrades to get to 1.2. As soon as I get an earlier version of the firmware installed I'll report back as to whether I have more success with Mac payloads with 1.2. I'm running MacOS 10.12.6
  7. If you haven't ever added additional profiles the path will be Default/Cookies If you have added profiles it will be Profile (#)/Cookies Just tested in Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) You could probably use some fancy find-ing to capture them all.
  8. +1 I haven't even run Hello World, literally watching the firmware update blinky lights and this very thought occurred to me. How do I get my boss (the CIO) to plug this puppy into her computer for me? Tell her those GOT episodes I downloaded for her are on it! (kidding! -- almost). I don't know how to go about it, but it seems like a natural and very desirable feature. I'm glad to help work on a solution if someone wants to point me in the right direction.
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