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  1. Ahhhhhh Cmon Darren, throw us a bone/pre-order/the other 2 products? Pleaseee JMX
  2. +1 There is any tutorial on mapping the keys? JMX
  3. But where could we pre order the 3 products?
  4. so if we will edit the payload t be RO the script could still write to the loot text file? JMX
  5. maybe with the VID and CID combo to look for some Manufaturer who is inbuild into win7 for quicker results? JMX
  6. Glad to hear you are getting another bb. So funny that hak5 forum, and all my learning is like meeting with a secret love, im feeling 16yo again hehe. RL is too damnding... lolz JMX
  7. Thanks man, i will use my uber Noob skills on it... now im at the stage of ssh into the thing and trying to find out the basics: apt-get updated it (doesnt know if it any good) will try to figure out what i can do with it in that way...(? lol) ahhh, will report back. cd.. JMX
  8. Haha, This should be pinned for all the peeps who hasnt been able to move past stage 1. Thank you JMX
  9. THANK YOU... started beliving the forum is dead lol... will try it out asap (bought my second bunny for no real reason and still have not used it such a NOOB) JMX
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