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  1. Fantastic, works like a charm, thanks a lot!
  2. I am having trouble using GET TARGET_ID in payloads. To verify it's this specific command causing the trouble, I set up this short script: ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET LED STAGE3 Q DELAY 3000 GET TARGET_IP # Check target IP address. If unset, blink slow red. if [ -z "${TARGET_IP}" ]; then LED FAIL2 exit fi LED FINISH and indeed it ends up blinking red. Firmware is 1.3. Any idea? Or is there something wrong in the script? Thanks!
  3. Okay, been entering the critical part manually, logged into the bunny. Accepting all commands, except the required GET. get.sh resides in /payloads/extensions on my bunny (1.3).
  4. I've been using 2.1. Just gave 2.3 a go, ended up with the same red-blinking LED (about once a second). Great enhancements in 2.2 though.
  5. As I'm having a problem with this payload (slowly blinking in red), I'd love to see the debug-output, however I cannot seem to make the debugging work. I created an ampty text file called "DEBUG" in the switchfolder, without any results. Any suggestion? Thanks!
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