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  1. Hello. I had metasploitabble 3 installed on vmware. I can get into system but it can't connect to network. The error says that Intel Pro/1000MT network connection is experiencing driver or hardware related problem. Anybody know the solution?
  2. Hello. I'm new to kali linux and to this forum. I had a question for you which I can't manage to solve. I was trying enumeration exploits. I tried snmp_enum and smtp_enum. Both of them failed. I got snmp and smtp request timeout error and nothing returned. I tried the snmp_enum and smtp_enum with many ip addresses wihch I looked from successful examples. Than I opened a virtual machine and enabled snmp service. I nmaped it and it's state is shown as open|filtered. Aain I tried snmp_enum from the metasploit with the vm's ip address but again it said snmp request tmeout and nothing returned? Anyone knows why this error shows up ? (I'm %100 sure I didn't make a mistake with the commands.)