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  1. Thank you for that input. Indeed, I had only a few MACs in the filtered pool with "allow".
  2. If you mean "PineAP-Filters I set in the Recon-Tab", then yes. Other filters: no (or "not intentionally"). Not many filters, only 2-3 client macs. In the first run I had a lot of modules loaded on the Nano and I thought, the lockout is a reaction of memory overload or so because I have no SD installed. So I reset the Nano to factory default. But the next lockout came, even without a single module installed.
  3. I'm using the Nano Tactical, means I use it with a power bar independently from my PC. That's why I need access through the management AP of the Nano. What happened seems strange to me: after some time (around 1-2 hours of operation) I am losing the Wifi connection to the Nano. When I try to reconnect it refuses. Now I reboot the Nano by interrupting the power supply. The wifi comes up, I see the management SSID, I try to connect, but no way. The interim solution is factory reset of the Nano. That's the only way to be able again connecting via wifi. I was facing this situatiuon several times now, but I have no idea what's the reason. Does anyone have made similar experiences?
  4. Proud owner of a Nano for 2 days. Now trying to connect to it via SSH (putty, Win7). Does not work. Error message says: "Could not agree a client-to-server-cipher [...]" Any hints for me?
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