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  1. And the only entry in the /etc/defaults/isc-dhcp-server file which is not commented out is: INTERFACES="usb0" I also promise to not keep pressing te wrong keys here and breaking up these queries into multiple entries.
  2. To follow up my own query above, it might be useful for me to confirm the contents of the following files: /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf subnet netmask { range; option routers; option domain-name-servers; option local-proxy-config ""; }
  3. Hi jjd Bit late to reply to this but I have been hunting issues with empty loot folders, so I have started utilising looger entries to see what is going on. When I run a payload such as quickcreds, which uses ATACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET, and look at the relevant syslog entries i see this: ay 7 22:00:34 bunny systemd[1]: Starting LSB: DHCP server... May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server 4.3.1 May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Copyright 2004-2014 Internet Systems Consortium. May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: All rights reserved. May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: For info, please visit https://www.isc.org/software/dhcp/ May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server 4.3.1 May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Copyright 2004-2014 Internet Systems Consortium. May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: All rights reserved. May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: For info, please visit https://www.isc.org/software/dhcp/ May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Wrote 0 leases to leases file. May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Server starting service. May 7 22:00:35 bunny kernel: [ 9.410145] CPU Budget: Temperature: 68 Limit state:0 item[1200000,4,-1,0 0] May 7 22:00:35 bunny kernel: [ 9.410187] [ddrfreq] temperature=68 C, ddr freq up May 7 22:00:37 bunny isc-dhcp-server[768]: Starting ISC DHCP server: dhcpd. May 7 22:00:37 bunny systemd[1]: Started LSB: DHCP server. May 7 22:00:37 bunny bunny_framework[225]: Starting isc-dhcp-server (via systemctl): isc-dhcp-server.service. May 7 22:00:43 bunny kernel: [ 18.040058] usb0: no IPv6 routers present May 7 22:00:58 bunny bunny_framework[225]: TARGET_IP = , TARGET_HOSTNAME = , HOST_IP = May 7 22:00:58 bunny logger: #################### end attackmode ####################################### Target IP, target host and host ip are all empty, therefore the check target ip, etc fails. Interesting to see the line: May 7 22:00:34 bunny dhcpd: Wrote 0 leases to leases file. It seems to me that the isc DHCP service isn't quite working. To be clear, this is a run from a reset bunny, updated with latest 1.3 firmware, with the tools installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. regards David
  4. Folks Instead of doing what I normally do - posting here and hoping someone can save me, i decided to look into this myself. 24hours later, after lots of netstat commands and troubleshooting, I decided to start again with trying to get the bunny online. Step1 - clear all old bunny interfaces from windows. Step2 - realise how much of a muppet i have been after seeing 3 bunny related interfaces. Step3 - delete all the NDIS interfaces Step4 - Launch payload with NDIS_ETHERNET Step5 - follow the connection sharing steps Step6 - success Step7 - See Step3 re muppet reference. What a relief. Hope that helps someone who cannot understand why their bunny cannot share a windows internet connection regards David
  5. Hackling Active Members 9 posts Report post Posted just now Hi Folks I am having similar issues (still) with empty loot folders and internet connections, so I decided to do a bit of investigation on the back of the advice above to test the GET command. I reset the bunny and applied the 1.3 firmware update and installed tools. All good so far. I then setup a payload to run as an ethernet cad, ie. ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET on switch 1 . I can now connect, on my windows 10 home laptop, via ssh to the bunny on the usual IP address of I cannot , though, ping anything, even though internet sharing is setup as per the wiki When I look at the GET command I can see, for TARGET_IP and TARGET_HOSTNAME, it is querying the /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases file. When I look in here I don't get what I expected. The contents of this file is one line: server-duid "\000\001\000\001 \242\267\363Z\000\000ZZ\000"; Strangely enough, the contents of the /etc/network/interfaces.d/usb0 file looks good: allow-hotplug usb0 auto usb0 iface usb0 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameserver dns-nameserver So my payloads will never work without the target IP or hostname. Can anyone please point me to what I am getting wrong? For reference, I have followed the wiki internet sharing instructions religiously. and my wifi interface is sharing with my bunny interface. Regards
  6. Hi Folks I, along with quite a few other people, am having zero success getting the bunny to do anything useful. I'm sorry to say it but could the device be not quite ready for market yet? My situation is that I have tried every payload (yes, every payload) on my windows 10 laptop and none of them write anything to the loot folder - other than creating a subfolder in the loot folder, for example if i run the PrivEscChecker payload I get the folder PrivEscChecker created in the loot folder but nothing else. I can see from the forums that some people are able to snag some stuff but I also see a shed load of people who, like myself, get nothing but hours of frustration. I am very happy to blame myself here and put it all down to user error but that would suggest that perhaps the bunny should be a little more user friendly? For the developers of the bunny can I suggest a few improvements for the next release? please indicate the switch positions on the actual device (A - 1 - 2) would be a great help when trying to work out which position the slider is in. A reset script which can be run from the USB mass storage which resets the bunny to factory settings, updates to the latest firmware and installs the latest tools. Debug - please please please can we have some debug capability? The LED's are just not enough if things are going spectacularly wrong. Easier language change ability. I know all we need to do now is change the DUCK_LANG line in the config.txt file - but this does not always work (for some very strange reason). I know I am sounding like a script kiddie who just wants it all to be EASY but that's not the case at all. If I can be confident the bunny works I can then focus my time on writing scripts, rather than hunting down why I cannot get it online or why the loot folder is empty. Writing scripts if the fun bit, not wrestling with the OS/device Winge over. I am off to prepare for my OSCP exam Kind regards David
  7. Hi Dice. I followed this to the letter and there are now no greyed out devices. Unfortunately as soon as I select network sharing the bunny interface reverts back to unidentified network. While I can then connect via Putty I cannot ping anything and do not appear to have network connectivity. Any other suggestions on how to stop the interface reverting to "unknown" or why it does it? Cheers David
  8. And the answer was the simplest. As the default language is US I changed it to UK and of course it all worked. Thanks for the suggestion Dave-ee Jones, and everyone else.
  9. Apologies for bad spelling but this keyboard is a bit pants. Hope you can all get the gist of my reply.
  10. Thanks to everyone who answered. Yes - it is weird that the script has the correct spelling of powershell (2 Ls) but it tries too execute powershel (with one L). Adding the third L seemms to fix it but taht is just too weird to have to deal with. I will check the keyboard setting and see if that fixes it. Thanks again.
  11. Hi folks I'm new to the forum and just getting my toes wet in the bash bunny world. I am having a very strange error when running scripts. Basically, when something like the following (from WiPassDump) Q STRING powershelll -WindowStyle Hidden \$bunny\=\(gwmi win32_volume -f \'label=\\\"BashBunny\\\"\'\).NAME\; cd \$bunny\\loot\\WiPassDump\; netsh wlan export profile key=clear I get the windows command prompt popping up and telling me that it cannot find powershel. That's powershell with one l, even though powershell has two ls in the script. If I change the script to spell powershell with three Ls , i.e. powershelll, it works (it doesn't really , but i don't get the error message). Anyone seen this before? Regardss D
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