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  1. I managed to fix this problem by making a few modifications to the e.cmd file all i did was drop the V after the -v in the cmd that runs laZagne.exe i also did so fiddling around and managed to make it so it outputs to the proper file for organizational purposes the modded e.cmd file is attached to this post if you want to see what was modified e.cmd
  2. For some reason i am only getting empty directories and an empty text file I made sure to remove the REM from in front of xcopy yet it still seems as if lazagne is not running or if it's merely not copying to the text file and i made sure to add the windows standalone lazagne into the folder
  3. my pc doesn't show the bb at all doesn't even recognize something is plugged in anymore
  4. this problem only started to occur after i tried a firmware recovery on my bb it goes from red/blue flashing to green then the led turns off n never comes back on
  5. The Bash The Bash bunny turns green then turns off and nothing occurs after that after doing a firmware recovery the same thing occurs it seems to never complete booting up
  6. That's the issue even though I drag the files into the tools folder nothing would occur when I unplugged and plugged it back in the folders I placed in the tools folder would still be there and I have tried the method you listed above already and it did not work
  7. I can no longer connect to my bash bunny or even ssh into it it is completely non functional and will not correctly boot up not even a reset via unplugging n plugging it in 4 times has worked it flashes red/blue for a few min then turns green then the led turns off and never turns blue
  8. ok i tried a firmware recovery and now after the red/blue blinking ends the bashbunny led turns green then turns off and the blue blinking light never comes on and the bashbunny just stays off and never reboots properly it seems it doesn't even show up as a usb device on my windows machine anymore
  9. for some reason when i ssh into my bashbunny i noticed my tools folder looks odd along with the layout of the rest of the bashbunny and now for some reason i cannot install tools when i place something in the tools folder and attempt to install like i normally used to nothing happens and what i placed in the tools folder stays i tried doing a factory reset yet i still get the exact same results and im still unable to install any tools like impacket or responder
  10. Does anyone know why quick creds does not work for windows 10 64bit anymore? For some reason it is no longer acting as the main source of internet if im connected to wifi or ethernet the bashbunny doesn't override it and even when it's the main source of net it still stays flashing amber and never grabs any information what so ever
  11. After installing the GitHub library on my bashbunny quick quickcreds works just fine don't forget to install n setup impacket
  12. Does anyone know how to speed up the process because when I run quick creds on a locked Windows machine or an unlocked machine it simply continues flashing Amber and appears to not be able to grab credentials
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