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  1. Very interesting, I can insert both straight into the Ethernet Port or via USB Adapter and get responses from both.. I just reinstalled the firmware on the spare SharkJack I have and no issues. I think this issue is due to your setup.
  2. Should be able to "Connect to SSH" and "Connect to WebUI" if your SharkJack is updated.
  3. And the WebUI is the IP of the SharkJack (1.1.0+ Firmware) in your browser once the device is in Arming Mode and detected by the machine. Aka.
  4. Use the PowerShell Script and tell me if it even detects it in Arming Mode and what options don't work (besides SharkLib options - it's obsolete since the patch). https://forums.hak5.org/topic/51075-tool-sharkjackps1-powershell-version-of-sharkjacksh/
  5. We are gonna need a little more information about: - How you have it connected to the machine? - Are you able to connect to the WebUI at all when in Arming mode while connected? - Have you factory reset the device and still have the same issues?
  6. I think you are misunderstanding what the SharkJack is.. It's a tiny OpenWRT box with a 5-15 min battery.. It only has about 27MB of free space to store Payloads on so you're pretty limited to the extent of the device. There's a bunch of tools, Payloads and opinions on the forums and GitHubs.
  7. @wulf I added a terminal version to the patch. Let me know what you think.. Download version 1.11 of the patch, "Remove Patch", then "Install Patch" again.. It will give you a library command via SSH. Enjoy!
  8. "Enhanced Version" will be released in 24-48 hours. - I like the idea. And thanks!
  9. Thanks! I try to just make the device as easy as I can for everyone.. 😁
  10. If you try to add this with the Web UI, it wont work.. You'll have to follow the "Workaround" for adding this Payload into the Payload Library.. It contains characters the "Payload" tab doesn't like.. Lol
  11. Feb 3rd, 2021: Version 1.11 - Minor fixes to patcher-win.cmd file. Fixes errors with some Windows users having errors with script seeing local files. Feb 3rd, 2021: Version 1.1 - Adds Shell "library" command to the patch. (Formly SharkLib) Adds fixes to library command to make compatible with Patch WebUI Library. Jan 29th, 2021: Version 1.0d - Public Release of Patch.
  12. Payload Library for Web UI/SSH (Unofficial Patch) This (unofficial) Patch provides the Official SharkJack Web UI with a additional Tab on the Web UI ( to maintain your payloads on the Device itself rather than relying on a PC to switch to your prior used payloads. I personally figured since the SharkJack has not received any Love in over a year, I'd give it a little attention. Since it was missing a Payload Management System on the device (That is accessible via Web UI), I decided to make one. I attempted to "copy" the original style of the original Web UI. - Takin
  13. Most likely Windows based if they're using a VBOX Kali VM, I would help but I've never passed a Ethernet port thru. But should be the same options for VirtualBox software cross platforms.
  14. When I use it on a VM or VBox setup, I use a USB to Ethernet Adapter and pass the USB through to the VM. Good Luck.
  15. Version 1.3 (Jan 23rd 2021): Added Discord Webhook Integration to the Payload as a alternate source of acquiring loot from the SharkJack. Added Optional "send as file" or "send as plain text messages" to the payload. Version 1.2 (Jan 22nd 2021): Fixed Errors with C2CONNECT and EXFIL not working correctly as intended in script. Added forced wait until nmap finished to look for loot. Cleaned up script process.
  16. This happens when the payload isn't set correctly or is the wrong firmware version for the Payload.
  17. Yeah, you can change it whatever you feel like. This was a more of a proof of concept to use ARP to find the correct subnet.
  18. @Darren Kitchen Currently mine only gets like 2 mins "Under Load".. Not sure if that's good thing.. Battery Test Date: Tue Jan 28 13:48:57 UTC 2020 ================================================== Battery Test running for 20 minutes and 0 seconds. Battery Status: full -> LOAD created by sha256sum. ================================================== [01:48:57 PM] -> LOAD: YES - CPU Load: 18.0481% [Battery Status: full] [01:48:57 PM] -> LOAD: YES - CPU Load: 18.0588% [Battery Status: full] [01:48:59 PM] -> LOAD: YES - CPU Load: 18.1068% [Battery Status: full]
  19. Battery Tester/CPU Stress For the SharkJack I keep seeing people talk about how the battery lasts less then 10 minutes, etc etc etc.. I made a script to test and prove the Battery Drains incredibly fast under load. Further more... The Script.. (NOTE: This Script should be ran on the SharkJack itself!) battery-tester.sh #!/bin/bash # Title : Battery Tester/CPU Stress # Author : REDD of Private-Locker # Version : 1.1 # Description : The script uses a simple log system to pull the # batteries status, date, and time into a log file for H
  20. Launching the *.ps1 File: - Open up Notepad or any Text Editor of your choice. - Copy and Paste the following code in the Text Editor. @echo off cls PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File %~dp0sharkjack.ps1 exit /b - Go to "File", then click "Save As..". - Save the file as "launcher.cmd", and Save the File in the same Directory(folder) as the sharkjack.ps1 file. - Close the Text Editor and double-click on "launcher.cmd" file you have just created. Enjoy
  21. Sharkjack.ps1 This is a rewritten (Windows) PowerShell version of Hak5's "sharkjack.sh". Compliments to Hak5 for the Device and the original script. I only take credit for rewriting the script to support Windows. Please Note: SharkLib Options are DISABLED until Hak5 merges SharkLib into the GitHub. If you are having problems getting the file to run. See Post #3. (If you have multiple SharkJacks, type "clearssh" in menu to clear your "known hosts" SSH File of the SharkJack's Fingerprint. Then try to reconnect using SSH via option #5) sharkjack.ps1 # Title:
  22. Nmap Quickscan with Discord Integration (Cleaned & C2 Enabled) This is a cleaned up output version of the Original Nmap Scan that Hak5 introduces us to. The Payload waits for "Internet Connection" to be present. Once Internet Connection is found, It scans the local subnet for any online devices. - While also logging the Public IP of the Victim's Network (Very useful when you are scanning multiple networks in a short amount of time.) payload.sh #!/bin/bash # Title: Nmap Quickscan w/ Discord Integration (Cleaned & C2 Enabled) # Author: REDD of Private-Loc
  23. REDD

    MAC Spoofing

    Uhh you can already change the MAC.. Just needs a work around in the payload..
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