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  1. thank you for your advice but unfortunately that still did not work . i even tried it a couple different ways, took down my firewall, tried it at least 7 times and nothing is working right now. if it helps to know what i am using, im using a macbook pro running MACos sierra (the latest version there is). i have no clue what is going wrong with my setup. i did everything exactly like i was supposed to. so what else could it be?
  2. hello everyone, i just got my wifi pineapple a few weeks ago. i have been trying to troubleshoot it myself but i just cant seem to figure out what is going on with my nano. i set it up correctly and followed the directions like i was supposed to. then when i go to run the guided setup everything goes smooth until it tells me to connect my pineapple to my computer. i connect it but it doesnt seem to recognize it. now i connected it to my laptop and can go to the website with it and its fine but in order for me to connect it to the internet my computer for some reason will not recognize it . if anyone can help me that would be very much appreciated. thank you!
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