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  1. I'we run the firmware recovery process and upgraded to 2.1.2 but I'm still no SSID's captured from PineAP. Even when allow associations is checked it does not collect anything. Both filters is in deny mode.
  2. Love the new features, but after upgrading to 2.1.0 the "Capture SSIDs to Pool" function in pineap stopped working. SSID's i manually add is broadcasted, but nothing is captured. Everything else seems to work properly. I'we updated the module in module manager, and also tried factory reset.
  3. Using a extra USB wifi interface for client mode is a key functionality for me, but the throughput i get now is 1mbit at best. I'we tried several cards, but all seems to have RT3050 chipsets so it's not surprising that the results are the same. Is there a USB wifi interface that gives me a better throughput, is stable and it must have a SMA/RP-SMA connector for external antenna.
  4. Hi. The first logfile in the zip file contains several attempts to load tetra_factory.bin and boot after loading. It finally succeeds, but if i try to do anything active after some time I get squashfs errors. The same errors occur after a few hours of idling also. When they have appeared I usually need to run firmware recovery to get it to boot again (tried this > 15 times).
  5. I'we had my Pineapple Tetra for two weeks and I'we spent most of the time just trying to get it running, and It's just getting worse every time. I get squashfs errors, unhandled kernel unalinged access errors. After a few reinstallations of tetra_factory.bin it boots up, and if I leave it after basic config it runs about two hours before rebooting and i need to reflash. It has been running mostly on the wall adapter, but I'we tried running it on my labratory powersupply at work on 12.0v connected to the 5.5mm connector, to 2.1amp usb power packs, 5.0v from lab supply to the micro usb ports (and even 5.10v as most usb power packs deliver that). No change in the situation. More logs available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/vo9f30y3h2jkd6u/Pineapple_squashfs_kernelpanic_17.08.2017.zip?dl=1
  6. Thank you, this saved my day :) tetra_factory.bin worked great.
  7. Hi, how is the 12v power supply constructed? Does it require 12.0v or is it flexible voltage? (Can i run it of solar power 11-14v without a dc-dc converter)
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