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  1. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    You'd think so, but here's the funny. They're not rechargeable. XD
  2. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    Kinda. It's also meant for control from the cockpit (very handy in a tournament or with family aboard) as well as a backup in case your remote batteries go dead. The remote batteries are $5.00 each pack and they only last about 4 days on the water. >.>
  3. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    It's not WiFi, it's bluetooth. You control it via a bluetooth remote control, via the wired foot pedal, or via bluetooth on an ipad/phone. The problem of it driving off isn't big because you "drop anchor" where you want it to stay, which holds the motor on a spot defined by GPS. The guy in the video hits the "put motor in water and drop anchor" button as it comes off the trailer, still in the ~15 feet range. There's also a "drive this pattern" option so you can have it drive out and park itself offshore or follow contours.
  4. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    Thanks spoonish! I try to to be too much of a sheep. It's hard sometimes! My bluetooth should be here next Saturday. If someone has any bluetooth tips I'd love to hear them. Right now I'm going off kinda half cocked with a dongle and a motor. If I stare at them long enough I'm sure something will come to me.
  5. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    ugh...still can't edit...Sorry, no boner pills today! >_> Anyway, I meant to say ....see what kind of control an unwelcome guest can wrest from this "probably fine" machine.
  6. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    It connects via bluetooth. You press a button on the motor and pair it up, then use an app they offer to move it around or "drop anchor". I think pairing it with a laptop would be pretty easy. I wonder if you can pair it without the button somehow? If so, live tv could be a ton of fun during fishing tournaments. Ok, so step 1 is get a bluetooth dongle. I'll order one today and if you guys are game I'll play guinea pig and see what
  7. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    So stupid I can't seem to figure out how to edit my post. I meant "There's got* to be a better way".
  8. Hey guys. I'm a standard idiot, little better than your average rock and stick. Used to watch Hak5 when it was on RevolutionTV and available on my tivo, but haven't since they moved. I find the whole tinkering world fascinating, but haven't used it for more than free wireless when my system goes down on vacation, at school, etc. Love the reaver! Anyway, I'm also an avid fisherman. As such I was extremely excited when Minn Kota, the premier trolling motor company, came out with a purely automatic, gps driven motor. You can drop your boat off the trailer, hit a button on a remote, and your boat will go park itself without human intervention. Awesome! Here's a demo: However.....being a somewhat wise member of the stick and rock family, I know that just because I can run a robot doesn't mean that someone else can't - occasionally very easily. So just before buying one of these $2300 add-ons I thought I should contact the company about security. The response? "We re-use the same code multiple times so hacking shouldn't be a problem". Huh? That sounds like exactly what I'd NOT want to hear. The last thing I need is some guy on the bank driving my boat into a rock, or over a dam, or into some idiot power-boater who probably isn't paying attention anyway. I'm sure at this point you're wondering, "Did you hack it?" - well no, I'm a rock, remember? I am concerned that all these IOT manufacturers think of security as "not an issue" though. There's go to be a better way! I suppose this post is more of a rant or a heads-up than anything, Though I'm angry enough I might just get started on this little project...