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  1. Hi, I'v many problem with my bb. an hak5 support say to me "Please serial or SSH into the bash bunny and execute "udisk reformat" ". I'm connected in serial and loged. When I type "disk reformat", I have "' bash: udisk: command not found Can you help me? Thanks
  2. Thanks, When I try to update, bunny led (Green fix 1 sec, red/blue blink, green) loop
  3. Hi I have use updater (.exe). I don't no update manually the bunny.
  4. Hi, Since last firmware upgrade, my bunny won't work with any payload language is "US "but config file is "FR". I have already reset the bunny with 3 unplug after green light... (X3) In Arming mode all appear ok but in switch 1 or 2 led is off and nothing work. Can you help me? Thanks
  5. I have already change the language.
  6. Hi everybody, After upgrade my BB, the payload's language is only "us". Before "fr". Same issue after factory reset. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi I'v lite problem with you module: After creating SSL certificate, I haven't "PineSSL" button and you can see that Paper status give "[!] SSL keys not configured in nginx.conf". Can you help me? Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm french beginner with Packet Squirrel (my english is not perfect, sorry). After having watched video from Darren & Shannon about Open VPN, I have not understand how to use open vpn on packet squirrel. Is its necessary to install a VPN server on another computer? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, Can you help me to configure my packet squirrel with switch 3 position. I don't understand this configuration. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have received my Packet squirrel today I'v not understand how to use integrated tools ( format USB, map,etc...) I have upgraded to 1.1 firmware. I search a complet documentation for step by step use. Thanks for your help
  11. Thanks, I'v a language folder with "fr" language file but when the payload is running, the keyboard is in us. capture d'écran
  12. Me too , I need help for change language keyboard and I don't understand the utility of connecting n terminal mode on the bash bunny.
  13. Hi, I have a little problem for changing the us keyboard to fr keyboard. I have not found the tutorial for this operation. Thanks for your help
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