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  1. kevigizmo

    IRC connection woes

    tis ok! Now got it working... Basically, Have to install OpenSSL (as you would - those who dont know how to do it watch this video, very helpful) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjNq7lFt-t0 Then in mIRC, go to: Options - Connect / Options -> SSL button Then generate new certificate for Private key file Use the same file for Certificate Chain File and Trusted Authority File That's it, I also noticed that the port i put +6697 and it also did it Cheers anyway!
  2. kevigizmo

    IRC connection woes

    right - rekindling this thread as I've moved house and also got a new PC, Installed OpenSSL-1.1.0G Win64 (as im using x64 system) The document to get mIRC working using SSL is very crap, I've kinda pointed it to the folder which is where the SSL cert's are located (despite in v7.51 it saying it would find it automatically... Lies.. unless i reinstall it perhaps..) I'm trying to connect on 6697 (7000 didnt work) and it just cycles round connecting / disconnected / retry Those use use mIRC - Any Idea's ?? I'm wanting to get back on the chat but not been able to since it got moved to SSL only network - Finally got my Pineapple Tetra yesterday Cheers
  3. kevigizmo

    IRC connection woes

    well SSL is enabled, however the info on setting the SSL on mIRC is very limited.. (7.49 is what I'm on now) under the only SSL section it has ben set to "automatically Accept invalid certificates Ive told it to create a new private key certificate file Unless there is a specific key to use as a certificate chain file?
  4. kevigizmo

    IRC connection woes

    There are no error messages showing on this one this time It just simply fails to connect.. [08:17] * Connecting to irc.hak5.org (6697) - [08:17] * Disconnected - [08:18] * Connect retry #1 irc.hak5.org (6697) - [08:18] * Disconnected - [08:18] * Connect retry #2 irc.hak5.org (6697) - [08:18] * Disconnected The errors which i did have before were relating to that i was still using 6667 and stated the message that it had moved to SSL 6697
  5. kevigizmo

    IRC connection woes

    Mornin! I too am having issues with reconnecting.. using mIRC and have tried to add settings but no luck thus far.. Any ideas? :)