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  1. Thanks - firmware upgraded. Not sure how I missed that but thanks all the same. Still having issues with the network sharing. The switch is in the right place but still no luck. I'll keep trying. Interestingly enough, the Bunny is "up" but only available over ports tcp/53 and tcp/3128.
  2. I'm having some problems getting started with the Bash Bunny and after watching some YT videos, reading the Wiki and forums, I figured I'd start a new thread to see if some of you could set me straight. I'm using macOS 10.12.5. Specifically, I am having no luck getting the Bunny to share my network connection. Here's what I've done so far: - I can serial into the Bunny by using the Serial app on macOS. Works just fine. I ran ifconfig while connected via serial and only see the local adapter. I can configure eth0 but the Bunny forgets it after it's removed. - The Bunny will show
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