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  1. Trying to figure out a script I can use with either my RD or my BB. Basically trying to use it as an auto unlock key. Server might be in rest mode monitor down low energy. Assuming plugging it in will wake the server. I want to have it CTRL ALT DEL, then have it press the ok button for the login credentials to be automatically input/entered for server login. . Lazy admin login. I know. Thanks in advance for any help. Thanks in advance, Bitslynger
  2. How am i able to use a raspberry pi (linked to Cisco server with USB and VGA) and be able to kvm into the cisco server to obtain information and or set static ip in bios as you would with a crash cart?
  3. Just amazing guys you keep producing the best products. Will be buying the new shark jack soon. How about a tool for Network Engineers. I know you can use a console cord to get a lot done but would luv to see how you can modify something like this (KVM Console to Laptop USB 2.0 Portable Crash Cart Adapter) and make it your own. This product would be really helpful in my line of work if you could save/exfiltrate hostname server ip along with ilo and mac address information to a file. Maybe with Server Management tools via unix of course but needs to work with Cisco.
  4. Posted May 13, 2016 So I have been playing with the site survey module and getting pretty good success with handshake captures. My question is that once I get the handshake I try to delete in the module but it does not delete. Any ideas how to delete old captures? Posted August 26, 2016 Hi everyone... I just received my Nano lately so I'm new here. I configured the Nano and updated it to the latest firmware. However I got some issues with two of the modules I've tried so far, namely wps and SiteSurvey. With the first, whenever I perform a scan for wps enabled networks (and yes I've tried longer scanning times) it always shows "No" in the wps column. Even my own network and at least 4 or 5 others which have wps enabled. When I try reaver on either of them association always fail. Is there any way or fix to make this module work? With SiteSurvey things are different... it seems to work. I've managed to get 2-3 cap files apparently containing WPA handshakes. I tried uploading one to wpa-sec.stanev.org and it went OK. But when I try to convert them to hccap at https://hashcat.net/cap2hccap/ it gives me an error "unable to find valid handshakes". I'm attaching one of the handshakes here if someone's interested to validate them : https://www.sendspace.com/file/w6enh0 Any advice would be highly appreciated... Btw I got an iMac and I'm running it under a Win10 virtual machine. I am having both of these problems and not sure where to go with these problems other than here. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you,
  5. Just like everyone else my phone with not tether with the nano. I am tethered to pineapple with the Samsung Cord (Samsung S7 Active) USB tethering slider is to the right (blue shows on slider) Pineapple is linked to router via wifi ( pineapple broadcasting its own wifi channel) Computer and phone can link to pineapple only thru web browser Tried to stay tethered with Phone while ssh in with computer to do ifconfig dmesg route
  6. followed instructions on basic setup. but when I try to ssh in from my kali laptop or my windows laptop it wont let me input info for the new password. any help would be appreciated
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