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  1. anark1

    Hak 5 shop

    thanks Seb, Appreciate the reply. i have since had an update and are talking to the support person :)
  2. anark1

    Hak 5 shop

    anyone know what the rough turnaround times are for the shop tickets? just curious as teh site says 1-2 buisness days but im doubfull thats correct. i am after assistance with part missing from my order.
  3. This post may be of use to you.
  4. going to get a nano, any rumors of a new version coming or perhaps a new firmware soon? just wanting to see if i should wait or buy now?
  5. Thanks to the OP, i was not aware of this episode and have now watched it with enjoyment :)
  6. anark1

    CEH certified.

    Thanks for the great suggestions guys, Digip: at this stage i would love to look towards a future in pen testing.
  7. anark1

    CEH certified.

    currently doing study via pluralsight and doing the CEH modules and also reading the book. CEH exam guide by matt walker. will be getting a pineapple to play with soon. and then doing the CEH exam. does anyone have any advice or tips for a pc tech looking to transition into security. i come from a anti virus/firewall background (kaspersky) and pc building.
  8. ebay link is this know to the team or a blatant steal of the image?
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